1 is the New 3

Today I talk about a few topics including:

I saw my first fat cheerleader this Friday at a high school football game. She looked like a snowman, and was winded after her first cheer. I understand that we are called to respect diversity (like Polish, Germany, Black, White), but FAT is not a nationality or race.

1 is the New 3

You've probably heard the new 1/3 lb angus beef burger at McDonalds. Back in the 50's a hamburger at McDonald's was the “normal” portion. I mean pizza places keep making bigger and bigger pizzas. We think we are getting a better value. However we pay for it later with knee surgeries. So if you say “I only had one piece of pizza, you might as well said “I had three pieces of pizza.”

Practice Being Hungry

I can't find time to exercise right now. If I can't exercise more I have to eat less. I hated the vending machine, and so I started taking grapes, banana, carrots, to snack on at work. After a few weeks I've lost four pounds.

New Nutrition Trakcing Software

I've been using www.dailyburn.com to play with nutrition tracking. It doesn't have as much advertising as www.sparkpeople.com the cool thing is their site can be accessed via a iTunes application (free). If you want full functionality you need to buy the “Pro” version for $5 a month (less if you buy more months.).

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