12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Looking to Take it to the next Level? Check out the Logical Weight Loss 12 Week Challenge

12 Week ChallengeIt's kind of like out own little “Biggest Loser” competition. It's only a one time $11.99 fee and for twelve weeks you will receive tools, worksheets, “challenges” and information to combine the competition of “the Biggest loser” with the support system of “Diet Tribe.” For more information go to www.logicalloss.com/12weeks

My Fitness Coach – I Own It

I bought the My Fitness Coach video game for the Wii system even though I will only get to use it every now and then. I was amazed at how this got my heart rate going. It is going to ask you for your weight and measurements when you create your profile so you should have your myotape handy.The reason I bought it is this will add some variety to my exercise. By varying the exercises it keeps it fun, and keeps me interested.

I did over do it a bit, and ended up pulling a muscle. Looking back this was really stupid. Any time you start any new kind of exercise you need to ease into.

Good Deals on Gym and Fitness Equipment

At Dick's Sporting Goods the new elliptical machines are in, and the old ones are on their way out. Consequently, they are on sale and in my case we got a floor model (for more savings). We bought a Sole E25 elliptical machine (love it), and even though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles it does do what we want it to do.

Likewise if you are thinking about joining a gym, once you have found one close enough to work or home that you will go there, make sure they have the equipment that you want (and not a bunch you don't) to avoid paying for items you will never use.

Baby Steps to Better Nutritional Choices

Try some new food. You may be surprised at what you are willing to eat that you didn’t in the past. Case in point, I HATED water. I started drinking flavored water (Fruit20 from Kraft has less chemicals than other brands), but the best is still just “Plain” water. While I couldn’t drink water in the past, after drinking flavored water I am making the jump to plain water from flavored water.

In the past I couldn’t stomach wheat bread (my grandma made me eat it). This week I switched to whole grain wheat bread (after eating Home Price “regular” wheat bread for months). While there was no way I could’ve gone from white bread to whole wheat, by going to a “middle” choice I can inch towards the best choice.

I couldn't drink fat free milk. I switched to 2%, then 1 %, and now fat free. This is great as I get the protein benefits, without all the fat and additional calories.

Guys Are Your Thighs Chaffing?

I switch from briefs to boxers, (not the loose type that look like regular shorts), but boxers that look like bicycling pants that you put on under your shorts.  Do they make this type of software for women?

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