Going Back to What Worked

Going Back to What Worked

Today I took a long look at where I have been, what work and what didn't

I lost 30 lbs about a year ago. I went to a place called Slimgenics, and just about the time I was at goal weight I quit going. Why?

It was expensive. Sometimes 300-400 a month.

I wasn't sure what I was putting in my body.

So here I am a year later and back where I was. I had to ask myself, do I really care how I lose the weight if I don't damage my body? The answer was no.

The other factor is I hurt my back in such a way that I could move for two days. I thought to myself, “remember how this feels” because I didn't have that issue when I weighed less. I wasn't sick, and I had more energy.

A listener to the show told me about Advocare and how he had used it to drop some weight. I looked into it. It has a definite “Amway/Multilevel” feel about it, but I was curious about the products and the price. It isn't cheap, but then again a Big Mac Value Meal is $6 and the meal replacements were less than that (for preferred customers). They do have a lot of medical doctors on staff to make sure the products work and are safe

New Products Same Plan

So I'm going to start off the same way I did last year with a 24 day jump start to get my body ready for the nurtiants and suppliments I will be feeding it. The 24-Day Jumpstart™ is designed to fuel a fresh start and help set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. You will begin with a 10-day Cleanse Phase to help prepare your body for optimal nutrition, then complete the 14-Day Max Phase where you will start to develop a routine of fueling your body with quality supplementation and a healthy, balanced diet.

When that is over, the 28-Day Optimize™ keeps it simple with the same product routine each day, flexible food choices, and daily activity so that it’s sustainable and easy to adjust based on your specific goals and needs

Then I'll be doing the 28-Day Lifestyle™ is a commitment to making a true transformation by sticking with the healthy habits you have learned up to this point and working towards a long-term routine.

So you end up with 24+28+28= 80 days

Here is a handout to start tracking your progress

Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters

I want to thank Laura from Oregon for her very generous donation to keep the lights on here at the Logical Weight Loss Podcast. If you'd like to help, see www.logicallosers.com

Dave is trying Advocare products to boost his weight loss efforts, check out www.logicalloss.com/advocare for more information. Or check out the Advocare Product Navigator


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7 thoughts on “Going Back to What Worked”

  1. Dave, you are missing a huge point here. You gained the weight back when you stopped that supplement program because it’s not sustainable. Neither is Advocare or any program where you are using things to replace real, nutritious food. You may lose but unless you want to be on it till the day you die, that weight will come right back. And you should care about what this stuff is you are putting in your body! You shouldn’t pay anyone to lose weight. The key is getting your brain around the commitment. With real food, water, sleep and movement you can lose it and keep it off.

  2. Kim,

    You know, that’s a really, really good point. I’ve got my toe in the Advocare pool, I’ll play around, but I know you’ve got a really good point. Half the reason I quit slimgenics is I didn’t want to have to spend money on their stuff. If that was the case, anyone not taking supplements over 50 would be overweight, and that’s just not the case. What’s your current plan/strategy

  3. Hi again, Dave. Good luck with it, and I certainly applaude you for wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. It’s not easy, but it’s amazing how much better and more confident you can feel with the weight gone. I got a little over 60 pounds off about 5 years ago. Hard to explain but one day it was like a flip switched on my brain and I was all in after being over weight for about 25 years. I did it (and continue to) by mixing all the junk (fast food included), planning meals ahead and taking a walk in the morning and evening. The toughest change was drinking water but once I conquered that it became the only thing I drink. The only program I ever tried was Weight Watchers, but it too wasn’t sustainable for me. I firmly believe each person has to find their own way to eat/hydrate/move that will be successful for them. Once I figured that out, everything fell into place. I sincerely wish you the best and will cheer you on! I enjoy your podcast during my walks, and you never fail to make me laugh. You provide a lot of great insight and tools, and I love hearing what you are up to next. Don’t give up, just figure out what works for you! ?

  4. Kim,
    Thanks so much. I think my next episode will be about honesty, Kim (not you the previous commenter) really held a mirror up to me, and I think I’ve been lying to myself about what I was REALLY putting into my body.

  5. Sadly, the weight loss industry has us all brainwashed to believe there still may be a magic bullet out there even though we know better. They take advantage of our desperation to get healthy, in my opinion and that’s unfair to all of us. Sorry for the typos last time. Hit send before checking!

  6. Dave,
    Where are you?
    As a long time listener, I’m really missing your podcast.
    Listening to you is one of my favorite things! You help me keep the weight off.

    Can’t wait for an update on your weight training program.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Best, Laura

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