50% of Biggest Losers Gain Some Weight Back

On a recent appearance on the Jay Leno Show, Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser stated that about 50% of the contestants from the biggest loser gain some weight back.

This is better than the 95% of people who lose weight (and then gain it back).  This comes back to finding something that will move you. What will get you off the couch? Many times, “I want to lose weight” will not. However, “I want to fit into these jeans” will. (I want to play with my kids, feel better, not die, etc).

Erick Chopin was on Oprah not too long ago. You may remember him he won the biggest loser, and now has gained all his weight back. It seems when the cameras turned off and he returned back to normal, he fell back into bad habits. He apparently has a show “Confessions of a Realty Show Loser.” Not sure on that and will investigate.

Before you can worry about maintaining your weight, you need to lose it first. I know that when I get this weight off I will keep it off by doing the following:

Weighing myself on a regular basis

Continuing to exercise

Staying off all the things I've taken out of my diet (6 packs of mountain dew – per day).

True weight loss, that is continued, is about a lifestyle change. So I will never “go off ” my diet. I will embrace my new lifestyle and feel better, look better, and enjoy my energy.

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