In 2006 I lost 20 lbs. In 2007 I found 10 of them.

While I had achieved a goal of getting under 200 lbs, I never completed my goal. When I stepped on the scale as saw 210, I got mad. I had worked to hard to lose it, and it was just to easy to find it.

Through these travels I now know what works, and what doesn't. You don't need ot be a gym rat, but you can't be a watcing 12 hours of Dr Phil either.

It's all about assessing where you are, planning for the future, and evaluating your results.

Thanks for stoppng by the site.

Dave Jackson

Here is my current Progress.
The Podcast

One of the things that people say they like about the podcast is I'm not pimping a product of mine, I'm not selling a service, and I'm “Just like them.” I also keep a fairly consistent schedule. Consequently, we are ranking high (#3 below) for “weight loss podcast” in Google.


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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. or http://www.d11.org/mann/computerliteracy

    Hi Dave,

    I’m enjoying your very human struggles and the good tips on the podcast. I also enjoy SOP. Thanks for those.

    I didn’t realize until I heard the latest podcast that you’re going to school for ed tech! That’s my field. It’s always good to hear of a comrade; there are hardly any geeky teachers around in my district.

    Feel free to make contact/ask question/collaborate, etc. about ed tech if you ever want to.

    Suzanne in Colorado

  2. Hi Dave,
    Its 3am here in Canada and I cannot sleep. I have had your podcasts for some time but are now reviewing your website. I first want to say “Thank You” for having a positive and honest approach to weight loss and for having a great sense of humor (ie: diet pills)
    I managed to loose 20lbs over the last 4 yrs, kept them off for a good part of the time. I recently lost my brother and guess what…the lbs found me again.
    I am not a typical type of person, I do have to work out 1hr daily and 3hrs on Saturday/Sunday and watch everything I eat in order to maintain my weight. Its frustrating. But I do it. Now I have to watch everything even more so that I can loose the weight again…and some more. My only downfall that I can assess….water. I dont drink enough of it. Im working on it.
    K I am typing too much. Anyways – I wanted to thank you because again I have seen sooo many websites and 90% of them are just plain false. Your website is truly logical weight loss. I thank you for it.
    Natasha….sleepless in Canada

  3. Hi Dave, first I’d like to say that I really admire what you’re doing. YOU are my inspiration! When I go jogging around my local park or at the gym; for the first half an hour I listen to your podcast! 2 per day. When I hear you talking and listening to all the reasons why we should lose weight, it really gets me motivated! Then for the last 30 minutes I put my favourite music on! It’s really working for me! I would also like to comment on Paul McKenna. He’s pretty popular in England and I really believe in him! My mom bought the CD’s and diary/book from QVC shopping channel as she’d heard good things. She’s had trouble losing weight since having my little sister Emma. She tried the CD’s and the weight fell off! The CD is split into 2 parts, the first part is a sort of pep talk with lots of facts and positive advice. The second part is a mild form of hypnosis. He simply talks to you with relaxing music and somehow re-programmes how you think about food! My mom said she almost instantly changed her way about food. Suddenly not craving bad things but good things! She’s lost all the weight she needed to and a bit more! She still to this day can’t explain to me what happened!!
    Please please PLEASE keep the podcasts coming, you’re really helping me reach my target weight loss of 14 pounds, cheers!!!!!

  4. Hi Dave,
    I subscribed to your podcasts and then decided to visit your site.
    I have been very encouraged by your podcasts, I listen to sermons OR nutrition/fitness podcasts before bed and last night I feel a sleep listening to one of your podcasts. This morning I got up and busted out a 15 minute HARD interval run on the treadmill!

    I wanna thank you for sharing your story and taking time to share the tips, lessons and encouraging words that you do.

    SuperMom in Utah

  5. I have just found you last week. On the wagon a bit late.
    All of your podcast has been downloaded in my IPod and bring you
    along with me every morning on the track. Up to 3 miles a days. That’s a big
    deal for me. I would like an update of where you are today on this adventure and a pic of you. NO I am not a stocker , but like to see who is in my head.
    Going to buy a fitbit because of you.
    Did you fine a job? I am thinking this is your calling. God does have a plan.
    I am unemployeed now and gained 24lbs feeling sorry for myself. Now off the
    couch or bed and feel so much better.
    God Bless,

  6. Hi Dave,

    Your podcasts are great! I came upon them quite by accident & downloaded one to my IPhone, thinking I’d listen to it when I was walking. Well, I did and promptly downloaded a few more podcasts and was delighted with them. Now I’ve subscribed and am readily sharing my new found discovery with friends.

    Your down to earth approach to taking control of weight loss is refreshing and light. In a busy day it’s a good nudge to keep me motivated and informed while also making me nod and smile.

    Thanks for all your energies in helping people like me toward successful weight loss. Your podcasts are great. I wish you wonderful continued success.


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