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Losing Weight PodcastToday Dave introduces another new friend. Last week we met Dave Greenwalt of Lifestyle 180, and this week Dave introduces Tom Jordan who is going to appear on the show every now and then to help hold Dave accountable. You can listen to Tom's podcastat

We talk about blending, and eliminating barriers to fitness. If you are looking into protein shakes check out the BlenderBottle®  if you are tired of sifting powder through your teeth. I know for me on the few times I've tried protein shakes, they always seem to be a bit lumpy. I need to try one of these.

Journaling Your Way To Better Health

PenzuEarlier in the week, I wrote an article about journaling. It can help reduce stress, help increase focus, insights, and more. Being the geek I am (nothing against paper and pencil) but now you can use a website like Penzu and write a journal anywhere you have access to a computer with the Internet.

Gym Pact Lets Your Exercise From Home

You can now earn money working out at home. I've talked about Gym Pact alot, its cause it keeps getting cooler. Now the iPhone version tracks your activity and counts it toward your exercise promise. See Video

Mentioned in this Episode

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! 5k Training

Also available for android

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