Accoutability is the Springboard to Change

Accoutability is the Springboard to Change

Accountability is accepting responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It means you might have to slow down, and examine ourselves from an objective point of view. This means we have to admit, and accept when we do something wrong. This doesn't mean we are a horrible person, it means there is room for improvement. If we don't hold ourselves accountable, then we leave the door open to excuses. We take these excuses and believe they are legitimate reasons for not losing weight.

There are a number of things that stop us from accepting accountability. These include:

Blaming: If it wasn't for ____ I'd be losing weight.

Minimalism: It's only a couple of extra calories.

Denial: If I don't write it down on my calorie tracking software, it means I didn't eat it.

Don't get overwhelmed when you look at your weight loss goals. Break them down into small steps. Break the steps into choices and take it one choice at a time. If you make a bad choice, don't beat yourself up to bad. Instead hold yourself accountable, learn from your mistake, and start planning your next successful step.

Weight Loss Wars

I want to thank listener Pete who sent in a note that I should check out Weight Loss Wars.  This site ties in nicely with accountability. We've talked about how having a workout buddy can boost your weight loss as you hold each other accountable. We read in different books where having support groups can boost weight loss. We all will agree that a little healthy competition motivates us to do better. Weight loss wars ties in all of these.

I created an Excel spreadsheet for those looking to do a Biggest Loser Competition at work (or home or church) and it does all the weight calculations for you. What it DOESN'T do is enter all the info when everyone does a weigh in. It also doesn't keep everyone up to date. This is where Weight Loss Wars takes care of that. Everyone updates their own information, and can easily see where they stand in the competition etc. This information can be as private or as public as you want it to be. I just discovering and signing up for this site, I like what I see. I may use this in the future to handle a new Logical Weight Loss challenge (maybe in May?)

In previous blog posts I had mentioned the Gym Boss Update and that there is no truth in advertising

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