Almost Back…

I know the blog and podcast have been quiet lately. The problem(s) is my old computer basically died. This left me with my newer (probably 8 years old) laptop.  It's like going from a Model T to a Dodge Dart (or better yet a K car – remember those?).

I was able to squeak out a few podcast episodes with it before it went flaky. The good news is my new computer should be showing up today or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who asked, “Are you ok?” I'm fine and about to get a whole lot better.

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6 thoughts on “Almost Back…”

  1. I’m glad you’re well because I’m new to your stuff and can hardly wait for new content! I’m almost caught up on all the older episodes via itunes. Sorry about the computer issues…I know what a pain that is! Yes…I remember the K-car—that dates me a little, huh?! What kind of computer did you get?

  2. It’s like Christmas. I get to pick it up after work. I got a Dell. I wanted a Mac, but couldn’t afford it. The old computer I’m replacing was a Dell. I never had a problem with it, its probably 10 years old (XP was new when I bought it). This is going to be a long day at work….

  3. I had to share…I’m sooooooooooooo excited!
    I put new batteries in my Omron pedometor this morning and headed out…this time I had to listen to music because I’m caught up on your podcast as well as the few others I listen to—-and wow! Sorry, but Dave-you’re out (when I walk anyway)! I walked today for the first time ever my 10,000 steps! Perhaps there is something to this music beat thing after all;) I uploaded Skinny Songs and a few others you suggested and really enjoyed my walk today! I also got my HRM and realized I was walking in about the 70% range on average! I may kill this extra weight once and for all now;) Thanks for the great tips!
    How’s that new computer coming along?

  4. I love listening to music. I have a giant list on my ipod in a playlist called “Workout songs” and I just put that on. The new computer is getting there. I have huge amounts of data that I never orgnaized from the last time I bought a new computer (which I’m trying to do now). All my files have been moved, but a long way to go (kind of like when you get everything in your new house, but your surrounded by boxes. Some of the software I use doesn’t work on Windows 7, so that’s been frustrating. I have to wait to payday to upgrade. I’m investigating the old “premium” podcast and trying to get any listing with “please join today” off the site (as there is no premium version anymore). I did find one episode that I didn’t have either the premium or the normal version (That I rerecorded yesterday and when I listened to it, I fell it was a mess… but that’s me – perfectionist).
    I’m so glad to hear you made it to 10,000 steps, and that you found a new way to make exercise fun. Keep it up!

  5. Well….I have to say “thank you itunes” I just happened to run across your itunes downloads and downloaded “one” just to try this thing out…I don’t have a huge list of songs on my ipod…and wanted something to listen to while I walk. I got the one with the jeff galloway 30/30 on it!, Oh is it amazing what a walk with something to keep you going does! I love it. I get a 39 minute walk in…and keep my heart rate up to max the whole time nearly. I have also downloaded some of your episodes…and plan to keep listening to those also…lots of great info. I am currently trying to lose a stinking 25 pounds…and am throwing away that scale! the clothes fit better, so i know something is working..but that scale won’t budge! any suggestions would be great!

  6. Keep in mind there are other ways to measure weight loss. How do you feel? Are you close getting loose? have you measured yourself? Sometimes you can gain muscle, and lose fat, and stay the same weight. don’t quit.

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