Attacking the Cause: Money

As this is the end of the year, you may (or may not) have met your goals (I did not). Instead of looking at myself and saying, “I'm an emotional eater. I need to exercise more and eat less.” However, I now want to look at WHY?

It doesn't do any good to fix a symptom if you have not fixed the cause of the problem. We see this on the biggest loser where people treat the symptom (weight) but never treat the cause (emotional issues). So today I'm trying to take a step back, and look at why I tick. What is making my life stressful? After all if I can avoid the stress, then this will help me want to “self medicate” myself with food.

One of the things that really stresses me out is worrying about money. Here are some things I want to pass along when it comes to spending your money.

1. Do you want it or do you need it?

In other words what happens if you don't but this? For example. If you don't buy food, you starve. Hence this is a NEED. What happens if you don't buy those new shoes? You will have to wear the old shoes. Are the old shoes worn out? No? Then keep wearing them. If there are holes in them, then you need new shoes.

Money Management Resources

One of my favorite guys when it comes to money is Dave Ramsey. He as a podcast, and some great books.  His Total Money Makeover is a non-nonsense approach to spending your money. Money is a bit like food. A diet is simply an eating plan. A budget is simply a spending plan. Both involve self-control.

A great free tool you can use to monitor and track your spending is this free website will track all of your spending. All you need to do is enter anything you but with cash. (remember cash? me neither). Once you see where you are spending your money, you can determine if you are spending money on things you want or you need.

The thought process is if we can identify the reasons why we operate, we can have a better understanding of ourselves and with that understanding we can make better choices. I would love to have any input on what you think are your root causes that effect your eating?

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1 thought on “Attacking the Cause: Money”

  1. Strollcasting! I love it!

    Normally during the holidays I don’t really pay attention to all of the junk food around the office. Usually it the type of goodies that I don’t like, so I can ignore it. This year, seems everyone is bringing in all of the stuff that I LIKE! Why? This year is proving to be more difficult to avoid the goodies. I don’t appreciate that!

    I LOVE Dave Ramsey! We just finished his Financial Peace University – SUCH an eye opener! It was AWESOME and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

    I agree – I have, SO MANY TIMES, bought something because it was new or different, or “if I buy this I will use it EVERYDAY”. Yeah right! But now, I am using that to my favor. Not expensive things, but I’ll buy some new fitness gadget to motivate me to do something different. A different workout DVD, or new shoes, or something like that.

    Things that are stressing me out right now – work. I work in an office that is really struggling and I don’t know how much longer I will have a job. This leads to stress about money – I can’t afford any sort of a loss in income. My health, leads to dealing with my weight and just not sure which way to go with that (eating plan). Christmas shopping – I haven’t started and I’m not really looking forward to it. I don’t have the extra money to do it now and I know the stress about this WILL kick up as Christmas gets closer. Not sleeping well because of all of this. Geez, what did I leave out?

    Great podcast AS ALWAYS, Dave! Thank you!

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