Attacking the Cause: Your Job.

Well this is probably the worst time to talk about stress at your job. After all with the jobless rate being so high, the option to find another job is not much of an option. This can lead to high stress. High stress can lead to emotional eating. So what do you do?

I have a friend that just HATES his job. They fired a bunch of people in an effort to stay open, and he ended up with a lot more work to do. How did he get through? He found one thing that he could tolerate in his job and focus on that. On those days that he couldn’t find that one positive to focus on, he would focus on the fact that he wasn’t unemployed and forced to look for a job. A bad job is better than no job when you have mouths to feed. We realize that being stuck at a job is no fun. Here are some other thoughts.

While you may think life couldn’t get any worse, it can. Your health, family friends, parents, etc. Lots of things could take a change for the worse. Try to keep your chin up.

The other thing I want to point out is you may be regretting not going to college. I’m living proof that you can go back. In fact I’ve gone back twice. I’ve got the student loans to prove it (I also have a job to help pay those off). With so many programs now with flexible hours and online options, I urge you to consider going back to school if you’ve pondered the thought. If you are unemployed, you will be eligible for grants.

The bad news is its called school. It’s not called fun. It took four years for me to go to a two year school the first time (putting myself through as I worked as a car hop). The second time I paid my way through student loans and working as a podcast consultant. It wasn’t easy, but if you keep up with your homework (which means you need to re-prioritize your life) you can make it. Before you know it, your graduation shows up and you can go back to work (with your new degree). That would be my one warning. Whatever school you go to, make sure you get a degree and not a “Certificate.”
Richard Carlson who wrote the best selling Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, also has Don’t sweat the small stuff at work.  Here are some key points from the book.

1. Dare to Be Happy.
Allow yourself the luxury of being happy at work.  Happy workers are creative, good listeners, and highly motivated.

2. Become Less Controlling.
Give people the space to be who they really are and respect other people’s differences.  By not being controlling, you will receive more admiration and respect. 

3. Eliminate the Rat Race Mentality.
Stop complaining that you are stuck in the rat race.  Instead, look into how you are spending your days in a more positive manner. 

4. Don’t Dramatize the Deadlines.
Remember, it causes more stress to complain about how unfair a certain deadline is than to actually work on a task. 

 5. Have Some “No Phone” Time at Work.
Excessive phone calls can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  It might be a good idea to turn off your ringer or have your voice mail answer your calls for a specific period of time.

6. Avoid Corporate Bragging.
Stop yourself from telling others how busy you are and how much work you do.  You are, in fact, reinforcing to yourself how stressed out you are. 

7. Make the Best of Those Boring Meetings.
To make meetings more interesting and productive, you should totally immerse yourself in the discussion.  It is also a good idea to tell yourself that you’re going to learn something new.

8. Stop Anticipating Tiredness.
Don’t anticipate how tired you are going to be tomorrow or at the end of the week.  Instead, just try to take advantage of any chance you get to rest or sleep.

9. Don’t Sweat the Bureaucracy.
The best way to deal with bureaucracy is to maximize your efficiency the best way you can.  You can also make suggestions on ways to improve the system.

10. Remember the Phrase, “Being Dead Is Bad for Business.”
Take care of your personal health.  Eat well, exercise, get plenty or rest and take up other healthy habits. 

11. Make the Best of Corporate Travel.
When traveling, be creative on how you spend your time – even when on the plane. Make the best out of it.

12. Light a Candle Instead of Cursing the Darkness.
When something goes wrong, take positive steps to solve the problem.  Instead of complaining about the situation, try coming up with a solution.

13. Join My New Club, “TGIT”
“TGIT” stands for “Thank God It’s Today.”  Instead of looking forward to your weekends, learn to appreciate each day of the week. This way, you will be happy everyday.

14. Don’t Sweat the Demanding Boss.
When dealing with a demanding boss, try to focus on his or her positive aspects. Don’t take the behavior personally.

15. Remember to Acknowledge.
Everyone loves to be acknowledged so always find the time to acknowledge others.   A simple note or the act of saying ‘thank you’ can do wonders.

16. Don’t Keep People Waiting.
Respect other people’s time.  Plan ahead and make sure you are on time all the time. 

17. Create a Bridge Between Your Spirituality and Your Work.
Bring the essence of who you are and what you believe into the workplace.

18. Brighten Up Your Working Environment.
Make sure that your working environment is not bland, boring, or dark.  Take the time and spend a little money on making your workplace less depressing.

Comment about the Show About Money

Strollcasting! I love it!
Normally during the holidays I don’t really pay attention to all of the junk food around the office. Usually it the type of goodies that I don’t like, so I can ignore it. This year, seems everyone is bringing in all of the stuff that I LIKE! Why? This year is proving to be more difficult to avoid the goodies. I don’t appreciate that!
I LOVE Dave Ramsey! We just finished his Financial Peace University – SUCH an eye opener! It was AWESOME and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!
I agree – I have, SO MANY TIMES, bought something because it was new or different, or “if I buy this I will use it EVERYDAY”. Yeah right! But now, I am using that to my favor. Not expensive things, but I’ll buy some new fitness gadget to motivate me to do something different. A different workout DVD, or new shoes, or something like that.

Things that are stressing me out right now – work. I work in an office that is really struggling and I don’t know how much longer I will have a job. This leads to stress about money – I can’t afford any sort of a loss in income. My health, leads to dealing with my weight and just not sure which way to go with that (eating plan). Christmas shopping – I haven’t started and I’m not really looking forward to it. I don’t have the extra money to do it now and I know the stress about this WILL kick up as Christmas gets closer. Not sleeping well because of all of this. Geez, what did I leave out?
Great podcast AS ALWAYS, Dave! Thank you!

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