The Characteristics of Every Diet Plan

I'm looking into the 131 Method by Challenge Johnson. A member of the Logical Losers pointing it out and said it looked interesting. I took a peak on my kindle, and then purchases the Audio Book on Audible. You can get any book on audible for free by going to

This lead to me taking the 131 Method Course

I liked that she points out her own struggles as she ages. I liked that she points out how awful parts of the fitness industry is. She talks about a time when she was getting ready to do an exercise video and the producer/director (I can't remember which) asked her to drop a few pounds.

I love that she mentions that bad advice that is out there and how many people were spouting advice based on data that may have been funded by people who swayed the results. This did make me wonder what she was basing her exercise videos on, but none the less I admired her honesty.

I liked that she mentions in the 131 Method that you don't have to give up one food type.

How to Spot a Bad Diet Plan

In doing this podcast over the years I've noticed that almost all diet plans use the same verbiage or have similar characteristics. Here are some examples:

  1. DIETS DON'T WORK – and here is how we are different
  2. PHASE ONE WILL HAVE YOUR DROPPING POUNDS QUICKLY – so you tell all your friends
  3. TASY RECIPES THAT LEAVE YOU FEELING FULL – that for me include avocado and green pepper (two things I'm not a fan of ) in everything.
  4. HAVE ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS TIED TO THE DIET – a course, a recipe book, etc. The diet is the bait to hook you into other products.

So it's too soon to tell if the 131 Method is legit or a Fluke

To Be Something You Have to DO SOMETHING

Why am I taking the 131 Method course? Because what I'm doing now isn't working. I consider it an investment in myself (and its a LOT cheaper than the days I went to Slimgenics).

What If Your Body Was a Kid

I was listening to the book Backstage Pass by Paul Stanley (the lead singer of Kiss) and he makes a great statement about divorce and not talking bad about your spouse. Do you hate your ex more than you love your child?  Which is more the love and desire to protect your child or your ill feelings for your ex?

I think everyone would scream “My Child is the most important thing in my life!” Then maybe we should treat our body like it was one of our kids. We wouldn't feed our kids things that are horrible (but we do to ourselves).

Where Did All This New Inspiration Come From?

I have been passive about my weight loss efforts for the last few months and my results have shown this as I've gained weight. So what did I do to get reignited?

I joined the 131 Method course and I thought, “If I'm going to do this, I'm GOING TO DO THIS.” Step one to take a selfie of yourself. This will be a “before picture.” There is something about the word “Before” that caught me. It had me picturing myself in the future. It had me planting my flag saying “NO MORE – THIS IS IT.”

I took a picture of myself from the front and a profile picture which showed my gut.

I'm Turning Into a Walrus

When I saw the picture of the back I almost gasped. My posture is horrible, and I have lost almost all definition in my back. As a paperboy, I had strong legs and a strong back. As a grocery bagger, I had strong legs and a strong back. I was never “ripped” but I had a “V” and now my back looked like I was turning into a Walrus.

That's all I needed. So today instead of coming home and getting on the computer I went to a local park (maybe 10 minutes away) and hiked in the woods (and got super close to a deer).

I have always said “the heaviest I've ever been was 225, and now I was up to 227. If I want to BE something I have to DO something.

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If Your Life Was a Movie?

Fun in the Utah Sun

I have a pretty bad fear of heights, and I have sun poisoning. However with a little planning, and some help from a friend I was able to go hiking in Utah. It was a lot of fun, and the scenery was beautiful.

I had some great conversation with my guide Elikgiute from the Travel Gluten Free Podcast. I asked the question,

“If someone was making a movie of your life, what would this time in your life be called? for me I had a childhood, Jr High was awful. Then I had the 20's and alcohol. I had the 30s being a musician, and being married. My forties were marriage #2. Now that I'm in my fifites I've had some great experiences, but when I looked around some of my actions seem to indicate that I may be roping myself off from life and support.

If I don't clean my apartment than people can't come over. If people don't come over I'm more likely to feel alone.

If I take on more and more projects, then I don't have time for family and any kind of support (or in my case exercise and eating right).

So taking a step back and not looking at YOU as a person, but instead trying to take a logical look at your actions you might say “those are not the steps that will lead to me achieving my goal.”

No More Shenanigans

My Fitness Pal Meal Planning

So I used to:

Go to the gym

Plan my meals

Have a daily accountability partner

Drink 80 oz of water

Get 7 hours of sleep


So for me, instead of trying to do all of these, I'm going to start with meal planning. You will see I've already planned tomorrow's meals, and I'm under my calories. With this in mind, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow.

When do you the wrong thing, while we can't be perfect 100% of the time, we do need to realize that we are practicing doing the wrong things (and we can get pretty good at it if we don't step back and realize what we are doing.

In Utah, I took a funny picture of me that makes it look like I'm holding up a boulder. This is a profile shot and I look about six months pregnant. This is my new inspiration and that picture is going on the fridge. Not to shame me, and make me feel bad, but to remind me when I don't control myself, bad things happen.

I Never Thought I Would Hike in Utah

The idea of going hiking in the desert seemed like a “no way Hosea” situation. With a little help from my friend, I pulled it off. Even though we had no idea how to do it, we agreed to be “Accountability Partners” and set up a weekly phone call. Already I feel the motivation to inspire, and not let someone down. I also don't want to let myself down. I hope this feeling stays.

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