Is Weight Loss Obsession Hurting Your Efforts?

I kept hearing to not obsess over my weight loss. That I am too focused, and the stress about worrying about my weight may be causing too much stress – which then hurts your weight loss efforts. Stress, in general, is bad for everything. It has lasting effects.

This article ins Psychology today explains how stress causes hormones to fire up that don't help your weight loss. We get stressed and we use food for comfort. Stress may cause us to lose sleep (which hurts our efforts).

I really liked this article from Dr. Sarah Gottfried MD where she gave strategies to help:

  1. Eat nutrient dense food.
  2. Take the Fish oil (I use  Advocare for supplements)
  3. Contempletive practice is nonnegotiable see study
  4. Adaptive exercise
  5. Rhodiola – an herb for lowering cortisol
  6. Watch yourself for signs of stress
  7. People won't be happy if you stop overdelivering, but you need to take care of you

Full article her book “Brain Body Diet” is available for pre-order on Audible

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Hate to Weight

Advocare Supplements (I love their chocolate protein shakes)

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He Lost 70lbs and Has Kept if Off For Four Years

Danyon Tongia

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I got an email. In it stated:

4 years ago, I weighed over 275 lbs. I was depressed and addicted to video games. I played more than 12 hours of games per day. Fortunately, I lost over 70 lbs and I've kept the weight off for 4 years.

More importantly, I transformed not only my physical health but my emotional and mental health too. I'm at that stage where I wanna share my experience with others who wanna make the same “health gains” that I did. So I invited Danyon Tongia on to the show to share his story. Some of the keys to his success:

Do what you love. If you make it a chore, you'll never do it.

Drink water before meal and eat healthy first, then have a taste of the junk food

If you can't do a taste, then plan it ahead of time and work it into your schedule, but keep that calorie deficit.

Danyon uses the scale, but more importantly how he feels as a gauge of his success.

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His email is

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