Behind the Scenes Secrets of Fast Food – Water Urgeny Cups

Behind the Scenes Secrets of Fast Food – Water Urgeny Cups

I found an article on Yahoo that had a ton of information about Fast Food, why we eat it, and what is really in it. You can read the whole article here, but here are some key points.

It's meant to be eaten fast (so you eat a ton of calories before you notice you're full).

You don't have to chew it much (again, faster consumption)

It doesn't age (as in 713 days later it looks the same – try that with an apple)

It's not really flame broiled (in most restaurants these are painted on).

Your pepsi might have poop in it.

We have double our calories from the 1980's

Bran muffins are cupcakes without the icing.

Sonic has a drink that would be like eating 70 sugar cubes

Quiznos has a large Turkey Club sandwich with 5,820 milligrams of salt

Are You On Track With Your Water?

I am currently drinking 80 oz of water per day. It wasn't easy, but I'm now doing it without much effort. I drink 4 24 ounce bottles a day. One way to know if you're on track is to use a bottle from Hydr-8. These bottles has time stamps on them that let you figure out if you are ahead/behind schedule to meet your water intake goals.

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