Biggest Loser 10 Week 4

We learn (kind of ) how to make 100 calorie cupcakes, as well as a glimpse into Bob Harper's House. We see how exercise has one contestant leaving his medicine behind. If you're looking for some guideline and push you make look into the Biggest Loser Club .

The Biggest Loser Club is an online weight loss program that gives you a personalized diet and fitness plan based on the same program used by the contestants on NBC’s hit television show. The cool thing is when you sign up for a three month package ($39) you get three free books (A $62 value). So you spend $39 and get 90 days worth of information along with $62 worth of books. Sounds like a pretty good deal. I've never used this site, but I might check it out.  In case you're wondering. Jillian Michaels' website is $4 a week (billed for $13 weeks or $52).

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