Biggest Loser Season 12 Starts

I am very excited to have the Biggest Loser back on television (even without Jillian Michaels). I do believe that Anna Kournikova is there for her smile more than her training capabilities, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. On the other hand they have a third trainer (who got no love before the first episode – who knew?) named Dolvett Quince. Based on his look alone, everyone went “I'll take him over Anna. That made me kind of feel bad for her, but this dude is IN SHAPE.

Here is some more about Dolvett:

Biggest Loser 270x162
An IFFA- and ISSA-certified trainer, Dolvett Quince developed his company, Body Sculptor Inc., to help people transform their minds, bodies and souls. His regimen focuses on weight loss, nutrition, strength training and cardiovascular exercise, and his style and reputation for success have attracted the attention of professional athletes and celebrities alike.

Quince has joined NBC's hit “The Biggest Loser,” ushering in a new era for the show alongside new trainer Anna Kournikova and returning trainer Bob Harper. He cites his biggest accomplishment so far as helping one client lose 325 pounds, and he'll lend his expertise to the show's Season 12 contestants when “The Biggest Loser” returns in September.

In 2004, he opened his first Body Sculptor Fitness Studio in Atlanta and has built it into the city's premiere health and fitness center. Quince's business attracts such clients as Janet Jackson, Baltimore Ravens tight end Daniel Wilcox, actor Michael Jai White and many more. Additionally, worldwide pop sensation Justin Bieber hired Quince to train him on his latest tour. He also developed the renowned “Me & My Chair:” DVD, a low-impact, high-intensity 30-minute workout system that helps users tone up and slim down while using only a household chair as equipment.

He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta.

If you missed the first episode, you had the typical contestants. I don't mean to be inconsiderate, but again they have someone who just lost a husband (almost as typical as the gay person on the real world). The person who wants to lose weight for their kids. The ex (NFL in this case ) athlete is here again. But there seems to be another thing that these people have in commong

The Common Wait Loss Characteristic

One contestant explained how she didn't see herself as pretty. Another contestant didn't believe in himself during the workout. In listening to an episode of Mohr Stories from Comedian Jay Mohr, he interviewed an addict, and Jay himself is a recovered Alcoholic. The thing that made them change? They became disgusted with themselves, and it appears that this is a common thread on the biggest loser. You look into the mirror. You own what you've done to your body. Instead of focusing on the dagamge you've done, and “boo hooing” yourself to sleep you say ENOUGH. You DECIDE to make that change. You know its going to be HARD, but ENOUGH.

Some are ready and some are not. One person was ready to quit. The big NFL athlete was on his hand and knees crying. Another older woman complained that it was too hard. I won't spoil the ending. Here is the episode if you missed it.


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