Biggest Loser Street Strider

The StreetStrider ETX 8r (As seen on The Biggest Loser)

I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and they showed this cool new bike that is like a portable elliptical machine. When I researched it, it was developed using contestants from the biggest loser and is now rolling out.

The price tag is $1699, and for me the shipping was another $60. If you want a stand so you can ride it indoors that is another $330 (you might be able to pick up one of these at a sporting goods store). If you want to see one in person there are just a few retailers (no one in Ohio).  It looks like fun, and one person got off the Street Strider and said she had burned 420 calories in 30 minutes (according to her bodybugg). There is financing available. When I first published this post, I had hoped that someone would eventually come out with a less expensive version of the street strider. It appears to have finally happened. For example the Zike Saber Hybrid Bike looks very similar to the Street Strider except it has a more traditional set of handlebars (and a price tag about 1/2 of the street strider).

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Here is a Video Showing Someone Riding the Zike Saber


Here is a video. Showing the Street Strider

Here is a video from the inventor.

For more information go to

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PLEASE NOTE: I’m not a streetstrider sales representative. I’m a blogger/podcaster who thinks they are cool. TO have your questions answered go to I’m not able to answer your questions.



  1. Dave, thanks for the warm review and the interest in the StreetStrider. Just as advertised, the StreetStrider will deliver arguably the best workout you’ll ever get considering the high caloric burn rate and the very low impact on joints. As the inventor, who’s previous academic career was in medical research, I would absolutely love to build these machines so that all could afford. The ETX with its 13 pivot points, a bicycle has 3, that must be aligned perfectly, is a significant engineering challenge and is quite a bit more complex than might appear. Therefore, to manufacture these so that the price is half is not possible yet. Needless to say, we are always working toward more customer adoption and satisfaction. Thanks, Dave

  2. Theresa Bonuchi

    I have a 10 yr old son who is 5’6 and 258 # who is unable to find a bike that he can fit on comfortably. Let me know when they go down in price cause I think this would be perfect for him. He is currently using his sister too small scooter now to get some exercise. Plus that would be perfect to ride on the bike trails here in Missouri. i also noted that there are no retailers here in MO. Please keep us in mind. Thanks

  3. charlotte webber

    I just bought one in Boulder, CO this afternoon. Well, I guess I should say I ordered it. They are sold out at the moment–not even a floor model to test drive. I didn’t want to wait all summer so I bought it sight unseen (other than internet videos). I can’t wait until it gets here! I used to bike everywhere, even pulled my kids behind me in a trailer, but knee, back, and neck pain makes it harder each year. I even tried a bent, better for the neck and back, but much worse on the knees. (Having something to push against on inclines, not a good idea.) I can’t wait to try my Strider out on the Vail Pass Bike Path!

  4. Charlotte,
    Keep us in the loop. I saw a similar concept on a skate board the other night. Kids was moving back and forth and scooting down the street.

  5. Sylvia

    I love this contraption! The eliptical is my favoreite machine at the gym. I too am waiting for the price to go down. Let me know when that happens. I have four kids and they break my piggy bank, but if this becomes more affordable, I will definitely get one!

  6. I’m impressed but need more information before putting out that kind of money. Please tell me about who in my area could perform any repairs that might be needed in Albuquerque, NM. What the company’s refund policy? Is there any local training to get accustomed to the feel and performance. Thank you!

  7. charlotte webber

    Well, summer is half over and I still don’t have my Street Strider. I bought (and paid for) it in May from HealthStyles in Boulder, Colorado. I also paid for assembly and delivery. I’m about ready to ask for a refund.

    If I were more mechanically inclined, I would consider just ordering it direct from the company.

    I’m totally bummed out about this.

  8. Keith

    I saw this for the first time when a friend said look at this crazy thing…(he was online). I bought it right away. I waited 5 weeks to get mine but I can tell you that from the first day I took it out I knew I would not be sending this calorie burning machine back. Yes maybe it will be less expensive in a year or so but I wanted to kick start my weight loss program and this it just what I needed. Also, just so you know this is a very well made machine…top of the line parts.

  9. Charlotte,
    Sorry to hear this. I would give them a call, or use their online help. I’ve talked to them in the past and everyone seems very helpful. It also sounds like its worth the wait.

  10. charlotte webber

    Hi Dave, I talked to Brad at HealthStyles and he was very nice. He also mentioned the problem with the trucking company but assured me that the product was on its way to their warehouse in Denver and that I should be hearing from their scheduling supervisor soon. I sure hope so!

    Thanks Keith, it makes me feel a lot better to know how much you’re enjoying your StreetStrider. And that it took a while for delivery.

    My main concern is that I will be less motivated to use it when it gets cold. If I’m already hooked, I’ll brave the weather and keep going.

  11. charlotte webber

    Kevin from HealthStyles in Denver personally delivered my StreetStrider this morning! He even brought his own with him so he could accompany me on my first ride. He managed to get two StreetStriders in the back of his SUV so I should be able to get mine in the back of my 4Runner.

    I’m soooooo glad I ordered it preassembled. The instructions that came with it aren’t very easy to understand and I would have ended up taking it to a bike shop for assembly anyway and it would have cost a lot more.

    Kevin’s above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service restored my faith in both StreetStrider and HealthStyles. He spent a considerable amount of time answering all my questions, demonstrating how to fold the StreetStrider and even how to load it into the back of an SUV. But what impressed me the most was his offer to accompany me on my first ride.

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have never had so much fun getting my butt kicked as I did on that twenty minute ride! I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow. They aren’t kidding when they say it’s a full body workout.

    It only took about five minutes tooling around the cul-de-sac before I felt confident enough to take off on the paved trails near my house with Kevin. I loved coasting downhill. The lean-to-turn maneuverability is instinctive and similar to skiing. The shifting mechanism is easy to use and functions smoothly. The whole thing is very well built and sturdy but much lighter than I expected. (Which is a VERY good thing.) I had to get off and push it for awhile when I ran out of steam, but it was so much easier than pushing a bike. It only takes one hand to guide it and I didn’t have to lean sideways at all.

    I love my new StreetStrider and can’t wait to get on it again this evening after it cools off (and my body has a chance to recover a bit).

    Bottom line, it was more than worth both the long wait and the money.

  12. Larry Brooks

    Streetstrider has been life changing for me. I paid $2000.00 for mine and bought one for my wife, too. For the cost of gaining control over ones life and providing the mode the means and catalyst to do so, the price seems trivial compared to the results. I have lost 125 lbs in 200 days and now weigh 216 lbs. I do not take any actose-metformin, lipitor, any of the three beta blockers that I was manacled to before streetstrider. I now utilize streetstrider every day for at least 10 miles and do a marathon and a half on the weekends. I am 57 (rapidly approaching 58) and look 42. With the cardio, full body and core exercising I have no unsightly loose draping skin, usually associated with weight loss. The toning ability of the streetstrider is quite impressive also. When one sets a goal they have to be committed to the follow through and the ups and down’s associated with progress and pursuit of that goal, realizing that the end is a reformed better you than before. At first it was hard to use the streetstrider, but that comes with being out of shape and dormant, after a few weeks, I was doing 5 miles every other day and within 2 months 7 miles every day. I was burning 1000+ calories every hour. Now I plan to maintain at 10 miles every day minimum. I have risen from the ashes of sloth and complacency thanks to Streetstrider. Anyone can do this, however anyone can also invent a reason to dismiss the streetstrider as expensive, but I would say that that reasoning has nothing to do with diet , excercise, or committment to lose weight. The Streetstrider is made from the materials of mountain bikes, road bikes with good tires,gearing and hubs. Comparatively priced lower than stationary elliptical devices and the same bikes as previously mentioned. Coupled with the ability to excercise out doors , and a feeling that each step will bring you closer to your individual goal, makes Streetstrider an easy choice. Reasoning based on price is ludicrous, to those who are morbidly obse and have a strong desire to live, what price tag do you put on life. Thank You Streetstrider
    Larry Brooks

  13. Nancy

    Every since I saw this on the biggest loser I’ve thought about the cycle. My husband said its too expensive, and wanted to buy bikes for us. I told him you can buy a bike for you but I’m getting a street strider. So I’m saving every penny I can to get one. We both are over weight and I’ve got to meet my goal and get my street strider. I live in a hilly area and was told it would be best to get the cycle with the gears. So that is what I’m shooting for, also to be able to ride indoors when the weather is bad and I was told the stand will not fit the cheaper model. I’m shooting for Xmas 2010.

  14. charlotte webber

    The machine climbs hills just fine. Especially if you get off and push it. Just kidding. Although that is an option.

    I took mine to Summit County for the first 3 weeks of August. At first I couldn’t go very far at all without getting off and pushing it for awhile. But ss soon as I’d catch my breath, I’d get back on and keep going. By the end of the second week, I was riding on the Blue River Bike path from the Elementary School in Silverthorne to Target and back. (6 to 7 miles round trip) It helped that it was mostly uphill going away from the condo and downhill on the way back. No worries about riding too far to get back home.

    At first I was gearing down all the way to 1st gear for any incline what so ever, but found it “easier” if I kept it in the 3 to 4 range most of the time. Coming home, I cranked it up to 8 a couple of times on the street, but I feel much safer at lower speeds and on the dedicated bike path.

    I also found that I last longer if I straighten out each leg every single time. Otherwise, it’s like doing wall sits.

    I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I have rearranged it! I’m much stronger now.

    My only real complaint is the hassle of getting the bolts lined up correctly to disassemble and reassemble the Strider (to get it into the back of my Toyota 4 runner). I cross threaded one, but Lowes had a replacement.

    I hope they figure out a way to use some sort of quick-release system in future models, but other than that, I’m thrilled. And rate this product 4 out of 5 stars.

    Well, time to get off the computer and go for a ride!

  15. Denise

    I just saw the street strider on an episode of pitch men. They had originally planned to sell the strider for $500. So why do they now charge 3 times that much??
    I would love to have one, I have a bad back and have had a couple of back surgeries. It looks like a great machine but I feel at $500 it would be in a price point for an average person like me.

  16. Randy

    I seen this product for the first time tonight 2/22/2011 on the tv show Pitchmen. Very nice concept but I am still on the fence over the price. Living on the east coast limits ride time. I would say the price is better fit to the west coast where one could ride all year long. I did not on Pitchmen duirng the initial tv run for the this product they kept mentioning $500 so I was a bit surprised to see $1699. I would think thoug that given some time ,initial sales and revamps the price will come done and at that time I might just come off the fence. As for now though the $1699 is just to close to market price for a very good second hand Segway.I relaize the end result of a Streetstrider vs Segway are entirely different. I also realize though that technical complexities and design would indicate that the Streetstrider should price in the area of $700 to $800 on the consumer market. Once the product finds this area of pricing I would expect sales to literally explode.

  17. Maciek

    The StreetStrider looks like an answer in my neck of the woods where winter rooles for 6 months of the year and bike is not realy an option. I would love to use one, but price is a killer. Are there any used ones out there? I am interested in ETX Summit.


  18. pm

    As of April 1, 2011, you can order them at Sears. They are $1,200 at Sears. If you have a Sears credit card, you can get one and pay it off in increments. Yes, you hae an interest charge, but that’s motivating to pay it off quickly. That’s my plan.

  19. Larry Brooks

    I think the street-stsrider is priced appropriately. I originally paid $1,999.00 for mine and bought two 12/17/2009. I have just taken mine in to be serviced after 5400 miles. I have went from 341 lbs to 316, it initially only took 6 months to loose the weight. The main thing is not price, if you gripe about price, you will not get out of your office or off your couch and exercise. The price is fair for the durability, the high impact cardio workout you get, and the euphoria of being free to roam, while exercising. Larry B

  20. Sheila

    I love elliptical machines but my knee does not. I assume that the street-strider will also hurt my knees?

    Looks like a great, fun way to be fit.

  21. Larry Brooks

    On my previous post I stated 316 that should be 216 lbs. It took me 6 months. Sheila working other muscles ,I have found the knees will build up over time not like the elliptical. It may be from the actual movement of thee streetstrider rather than the stationary motion and pause on the downstroke of the elliptical.

  22. sarah

    I really would love this strider. anyone know the best price on it we are a military family and im a stay at home wife with that said no time for anything and not alot of money. wish it were less exspensive i could see alot more orders if it were.

  23. Kimberly

    Hello everyone! We just got our first streetstrider yesterday and it it AMAZING. It took about 5-10 mins to get adjusted but after that its so much fun. I took it for my first spin today around the block and let me tell you my legs hurt so bad. It was such a great workout for just a small spin around the block. I’m hoping that my breathing and my leg strength gets better so I can work out longer. It was worth the 1500 we paid for it. Best workout equipment ever.

  24. How many different levels can you place the resistance when the striderider is placed on a stand? How does this compare to a regular eliptical?

  25. Daron

    Looks great, Ill buy one and try and build my own streetstrider / elliptiGo version with multiple speeds… That seems like a great year-long mechanical engineer’s project. Ill let you know in Dec 2012 how my project evolves.

  26. Tara

    Honestly, my dream has always been to buy a professional grade elliptical trainer. For the price tag of this thing I might as well still pursue that. It is not much more to buy my dream Precor Elliptical. Considering this thing requires no more materials to build than my $450 bike I would never pay more than than. For the price tag of this thing I could get an awesome bike with cool shocks. They are milking it for what its worth now. The price will come down or their business will fail. How could anyone afford to buy their entire family one?

  27. felicia

    i have a nephew & my daughter that are over weight daughter has tried a lot of things..I been looking for something that she would enjoy doing and sticking to it..She love being outdoors and ridding her bike so this would be great..But the Price is to much ,and the way the economy is going noo one,like me that’s on a budget/or even on a a fixed income, can’t afford this machine…I pray some one come out with one in their own version for lesser than this machine..This is highway robbery!!!!these ppl are crazy and being unrealistic about the amount of this machine…

  28. Rhonda

    Mr. Kraus,
    I am interested; however, I am 5 feet tall. I am concerned about whether or not someone as short as myself will be comfortable using this bike. Most items are made with average height people in mind. Is any part of the frame adjustable for a shorter (or taller) person?

  29. David

    Susan and Rhonda
    I am a retailer for these in Leola, PA. The handle bars are quite adjustable in height and position. I am confident you would be able to ride the StreetStrider comfortably. ( my 7 year old son rides my Sprinter 3r as well as I do, without adjustments!) The most complete workout anywhere!!

  30. Amanda

    I’m definitely thinking about buying one of these! I have systemic lupus and MS, plus I was injured in an auto accident over a year ago. I go to physical therapy 3x a week for 2-5 hrs a time. I had an MUA in July and then went from 180+ down to 130 doing the hCG diet (through my Dr, using injections). Now I’m looking for a way to strengthen & tone my body. My chiro & physical therapy team said I could use one of these & now my plan is to find the best way to fit it into my budget. My husband is the one working and bringing in an income (I do NOT receive any disability), and we have 3 children (14, 13 & 9) so money can be tight! However, it’s all about priorities. I’m out of my wheelchair and worked hard to lose 50+ pounds. If this is a way I can explore bike trails, beaches, parks, etc without high impact and bed able to strengthen and tone my body…I’m in! If this is an avg of $40/mo…I’m sure many people complaining about the cost spend more than that on junk/fast food! We only get one body, why wouldn’t you want to spend $40/mo improving your body and quality of life? Plus, I’m sure anyone would be able to find someone to split the use and cost (friend, family member, etc). That’s an idea! Rotate weeks if you have to. Or ask your Dr to invest in a couple to rent out, maybe even a bike rental place! Where there is a will…there is always a way! Anyway, thank you for the article, thanks to the maker/inventor and thanks to everyone who shared their personal experiences! :)

  31. Emma

    I’m really interested in getting one of these, but I would definitely want to try it out before spending that kind of money. I looked on the website for rentals/dealers but didn’t really find any nearby (18930). Anyone know of places that have these and allow test rides? Thanks :)

  32. Hmm, I am the guy in the Zike Saber video. Question remains – why the original poster listed the price at about 1/2 of the StreetStrider?
    At the moment the Saber retails at about $500 on Amazon
    The StreetStrider starts from $1600.
    You do the math or… ask the 5th grader to do it for you 😉

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