Dave’s Birthday

My 45th birthday is right around the corner. A friend of my convinced me that if I put this up, people would contribute to getting me a Kindle (ebook reader) for my birthday. While we didn't raise 100% we came close enough (and with help from a client of mine, we had enough).  Here's the proof!

Special thanks for the following people:

Mary Susan Leoniy
Sharon Garner
Vicki C Carr
Kathryn Plessing
Dwayne Martin
Shaun Collier
Robert Fishbune
Cathy Henderson
Amy Chastain
Sallie Goetsch
Meilee Anderson
Detlev Tesch
Linda Pearson
David Nixon
Marie Dimitriadis
Querida Long
Dan Spechtenhauser
Carol Miller
gregory adams
David Jackson
Nichole Stockdale
Norman Lamont

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18 thoughts on “Dave’s Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday Dave! Thanks for all the great podcasts over the years. Yours was one that got me motivated to change and over the last year helped me stay focused to lose over 30 pounds. Keep up the great work and hope your bday’s a good one!


  2. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been a fan of your podcasts for quite some time now and it’s rather unfortunate to see how little generosity people have. It’s easy to see how much effort you put into Logical Weight Loss and I wish people could just spare a few dollars. For the invaluable advice you give, it’s not a lot to ask for. Here’s $15 on me. I’m a little late saying this, but Happy Birthday, Dave!

  3. Shaun,
    Thank you so much. I really, truly, appreciate it. My first book will be “Master Your Metabolism” by Jillian Michaels. I’m deeply touched by your generosity.


  4. The Nook takes ePub, Adobe DRM, PDF, among some others. I just got one, but am wondering about the iPad coming still. Seems the Nook and Kindle got a ways to go but they work :O)

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you get your Kindle and enjoy it. I have one, and I like it quite a bit. However, I don’t recommend reading Master Your Metabolism on it, if possible. I bought it for mine, and it is not formatted very well for the device (mostly the tables and sidebars).

  6. Yes I have a Nook, which I chose over the Kindle. Personal choice though.

    That article was written before the updates on the Nook came out, so it is outdated alreasy.

    Either way both devices are good for what they do.
    I just prefer the Nook for all the available formats I can use.

  7. Thanks for the mention on the show Dave. It’s great to see that right now it’s nearly up to 60%. As others have pointed out it might be worth looking at Kindle alternatives, but the Kindle looks best to me. 🙂

  8. Dave,

    I have noticed that the Kindle is going for about $259 on Amazon right now, the latest generation too. Just go to http://www.amazon.com/kindle

    That means you only need $22 more at the time of writing. If you’re a few dollars off in a short while (assuming you get another contribution) I’ll happily chip in a few more dollars so you reach that mark.

  9. Dave,

    You should keep the fund going till you reach your goal. Try for $300 so you can also get a book to go with it!

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