Breaking it Down

Today we talk about Emotional eating with tips from the book Just 10 lbs. There are many reasons we eat. Many of us eat for emotional reasons. This book has great tips on overcoming and dealing with the mental reasons you eat. its written by an addict (of both drugs and food). It even has some free tools that you can find at (you have to sign up for their email list, but its free – I'll be talking about it more in the future).

Take it down to one decision at a time

I want you to find ONE thing to do differently this week. Find one thing that will be easy to do, and do it. I am also setting small two lbs goals for me (which has worked from 212, 210, 208). I celebrate these goals, and I now feel momentum.By having one small thing to focus on, we don't get overwhelmed and we can continue on in the right direction. Then next week we can add one more little thing to do that will help us in our weight loss journey.

Find Something About Yourself That's Good

For whatever reason, we love to bear ourselves up. Instead of finding that one thing that we did wrong and focusing on that, why not find a few things we LIKE about ourselves and focus on those. We can change things about ourselves over time, but we do need to like ourselves so we feel confident, and love ourselves. So many times we get hung up on that one wrong thing, and we want to give up. Instead focus on one thing that is positive about yourself.


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