Bryan Ganey Lost 400 Lbs and Said NO MORE!

I don't do too many interviews but Bryan Ganey has an amazing story. He found himself around 600 lbs in a hospital bed with the doctors telling him to have weight loss surgery. Over and over he heard it was “impossible” to lose the weight on his own. Bryan knew the side effects of the surgery and said “No More,” and began fighting (literally) for his life. It was a struggle that took three years, but in the end he is now healthy, and keeping the weight off.

In today's interview you will hear about Bryan's “rock bottom” moment, and how he decided to get up and find a way to lose it for good. He has put his story into his book “Impossible: How I lost nearly 400 lbs without surgery

You will hear how Bryan says you need to track (after all you can't manage what you don't track). He uses this lovely thing call pen and paper. If you've been thinking, “I just can't do it,” Bryan is proof that you can.

Bryan has appeared on CNN, Rachel Ray, and many other national television shows (and Dave may have him talked into starting his own podcast…) and we thank him for sharing his story today.

Check out more of his story and insights at

Mentioned in This Show – Hungry For Change

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Dave's Progress

I was down to 212.6 but to day I'm back over 213. That's OK. I made a bad choice yesterday and went with my family to Longhorn steak house. Like we discussed with Bryan, I'm back on track today, and slowly getting caught up (you'll see I'm behind schedule by about 3 lbs.). I'm really going to have to bring my A game over the next few weeks. Realize that weight loss can be a bumpy ride. What started out as a cake walk is not becoming a bit more challenging. You can do it. I know I can.

Dave Jackson Progress

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