Today I found some great articles that make you go “Oh yeah…”

Myth #1 : Muscle weighs more than fat

Myth #2 :  Lifting heavy weights will make you gain weight

Myth #3 :  Only light weights will lean you out

Myth #4: Heavy Weights will make Women Bulky

Myth #5: Light weights are better for women

Myth #6: You can’t increase lean muscle mass while on a calorie deficit diet

The original article comes from Cathe Friedrich

Why Your Elliptical Machine is Inaccurate

If you burn 75 calories without doing anything when you exercise and your machine shows you burned 300 calories, how 75 of those calories would have been burned off if you had sat down and watched someone else exercise. So if you think that burning 500 calories every day will have you losing one pound (3500 calories). You need to realize that those five one hour workouts didn’t burn 3500 calories because you would’ve burned 5*75 =375 calories without doing anything. So instead of burning 3500 calories you only burned 3125 calories.

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