Cat Hair and Treadmill Motors Don’t Mix

Cat Hair and Treadmill Motors Don’t Mix

Step Bet is Complete

I made it through all six weeks of my step bet and ended up making $9 (a 22% return on my $40).

Still Trying to Get Back on Track

I've got over my cold but pulled muscles in my back. The bad news is I'm now really down to zero in momentum.

I realize that the next step isn't going to be easy. I'm back to square one. I know that but I also know if I push through.

Under Desk Baby Elyptical Not For Me

I tried an elliptical that fits under your desk, but it wasn't for me. It was the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer, and while I wasn't trying it under a desk ( I was standing on it), in that situation it just worked my calves.

Manual Treadmills

I watched a ton of videos looking into Manual Treadmills (no motor). I liked the Fitness Reality TR3000 Maximum Weight Capacity Manual Treadmill with ‘Pacer Control' & Heart Rate System because there is a place for your water bottle. It's $179.

(Behind the scenes, this unit was lost during transit. I had originally ordered it from They apologized, gave me a 10% discount, and will ship me a new one. )

When You Can't Exercise

Remember that exercise is important, but in the end, you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet. So with no treadmill, I'm really watching what I am eating, and trying to find ways to stay active.

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