Breaking Bad Habits

You don't “break” or “Stop” bad habits. You REPLACE them with GOOD habits. Here are the steps:
1. Identify the bad habit
2. Look at the pros and cons of continuing this habit.
3. Plan a new action.
4. Practice the plan

This will take time, but eventually you will not have to even think about this. It will just happen. You will have successfully replaced the bad habit with a good one.

I also talk about how the more muscles you have the more calories you burn. However, the best exercise to do is the exercise that you WILL do. Just get in the habit of exercising. We can mix it up later. Speaking of mixing it up check our Jorge Cruise 8 Minutes in the morning kit (link at

There is Good Fast Food

Lets state the obvious. You are going to need to exercise more, or eat less. If you're in a hurry you need to do both.

Why do we eat fast food? Does it really taste that good? Typically its because we are in a hurry. So we fly through the pickup window and eat in the car. This is simply a failure to plan ahead. There is food at home that we can heat up quickly that won't pack on the pounds. So we need to be patient when we drive by those golden arches, and have something at home that can stifle our cravings in a few minutes.

Homework: Rent/Buy Super Size Me or Read the Book “Don't Eat This Book

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