The PhotoShop Effect

This video is amazing. Ladies I now that some of you have a bad self-image becuase you do not look like “the girls in the magazine.” Well this video should help you understand that neither do the girls in the magazine. If you are trying to look like these women, it's almost impossible. When you try to acheve the impossible you get frustrated and quit. Don't quit. Get educated by watching this video. It's insane.

Copying Meals at Tip

I'm boring. I admit it. I eat the same things for breakfast and lunch. Oh I might go crazy and switch raisin bran for Honey Bunches of Oats, but its still cereal and milk (skim) in the morning.  I was working on a project for work and needed to learn some software that makes tutorials. I made a tutorial on how to copy one meal to another day.   It makes entering your food even easier.

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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