10 Minute Trainer Unboxing

I mentioned in the past episode that I've joined Team Beach Body and I'm putting my money with my mouth is. I am starting a 90 day challenge at www.logicallosers.com where you can take the 10 minute trainer sessions with us (kind of like Oprah's Book club only with more sweat), and in addition to the weekly phone calls and weigh in (the tools are free) you get access to our private facebook group for additional support and encouragement. Well my box with my challenge pack showed up to day. I have my

10 Minute trainer

10 Minute Trainer bonus pack (with resistance bands)

A bunch of materials with meals, a jump start, and a p90 X bonus video.

The audio on this video is horrible (I recorded directly into youtube, and that will be the last time I do that).

Sign up at www.logicallosers.com

You can just order the 10 Minute Trainer alone, likewise you can just order Shakeology, but the Challenge pack has both and you get a break on shipping and additional bonuses.

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