Funny and True Video from Subway

This video is funny. It's also true. Don't neglect the truth in this commercial. Even when I'm exhausted, I never regret working out. In fact, I am more proud of myself as it was hard. However, I know I feel shame when I exit the McDonald's drive through. It is slowly ignored as I stuff some fries down my face, but when it comes time to throw away the bag, the evidence points out that I made a bad choice.

Gym Pact Just Keeps Getting Better – At Home Workouts Now Count

Previously Gym Pact allowed you to use Run keeper to track your outdoor workouts. Now they have updated their iPhone app (sorry Android People) to allow you to work out at home. Check out the video. If you're new to Gym PAct. You make a pact (promise) to yourself to go to the gym X amount of times per week. the GPS on your phone stops you from cheating. If you make your pack you win good health. If you don't the money that you've put up as collateral goes to all the people who kept their pact (I've been getting between 60 and 80 cents a week).

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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