Confused on When To Eat?

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper from the biggest loser are big fans of eating every 3 to 4 hours. Horge Cruise is all about eating every three hours. However people are taking this out of context. According to a new article by the Nutrition Divamore and more people are getting 25% of their calories from snacks. I mentioned this is a previous podcast that while I had taken my total calories (I'm aiming for 1800 currently) and multiplied that by .90 (1620) and divided that by 3 (for three meals) I get 540 calories a meal. That leaves 10% or 180 calories for snacks.  I had mentioned that my meals were right on track (and in some cases under), however I was eating too many snacks (grapes, raisins, protein bars, etc).  Why? Because I was “supposed to.”

Many times I was eating food as it “was time” to eat. Looking back I need to come back to calories in vs calories out. I understand that if I go 6 hours without eating I am more likely to just go crazy and eat everything (good or bad).  I think my plan going forward will be to ask myself, “Am I hungry” before adding a snack to my calories for the day. When I find myself strapped for cash, or doing a job where I can't eat on the job, I am amazed at how long I can go without eating (and never even notice). This leads me to believe that a majority of my eating is emotional, and its boredom. It's this kind of “Stepping outside of yourself” that really helps you decide what eating plan will work for you.

Today I started off with my typical raisin bran at 7 am. For whatever reason at 10:15 I was getting a little hungry so I ate a banana. I did not eat a muffin (a great name for a cup cake with no icing), or some other large item. This will hold me till 12 or 1ish when I go to lunch.

One of the keys that I am taking time to lear again, is really focus on how I feel when I am truly hungry. This way I can weight until I am ruly hungry to eat.

If you are hungry every three to four hours eat a small snack. If you can go longer without going into a frenzy? Do it. Most people do not have hypoglycemia, so stick the plan of eating when you are hungry (except for breakfast, always do breakfast). Be careful to make sure your snacks do not turn into meals, and continue to exercise on a regular basis. That's what I'm putting into place.

This is just my opinion, and I urge you to work with your local helath professional.

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