Do You Miss Your Big Wheel? I Don’t – I Grew Into Better Choices

Do You Miss Your Big Wheel? I Don’t – I Grew Into Better Choices

Today I talk about how in the past we have given up

A big wheel for a bike with training wheels.

A bike with training wheels for a bike without training wheels

I gave up my bike for a moped

Later I gave up my moped for a car.

When I was in my twenties I gave up bars and drinking to hang out with a girl who became my first wife.

Why didn't I miss these items? Because I moved from one place to a new better place.

You've Been Giving Up Things Your Entire Life

When I hear someone say, “I can't lose weight because I could never give up ___” they are underestimating themselves. We all have experience giving up things. Is it easy? Not always. But when I step on the scale and it's down again, I'm not missing hamburgers, mountain dew, and a chocolate frosty.

Fitbit Aria Scale Review

As someone who is now down 10 lbs, I wanted to “reward” myself. As I'm a bit of a geek, I had been looking at the Aria scale from Fitbit. This scale:

Measures your weight

Measures Your lean mass

Measures your body fat % (mine is 29.5% oofah)

You can have up to 8 people share the scale without sharing information

It automatically logs your weight and other measurements into the fitbit (or in my casr myfitnesspal) software.

A New Review In iTunes

The latest Review

I got a new three star review from Thriftyjenb

Dave tries. He really does. And on the surface, the stuff he says makes sense. Move more. Eat less. But it’s all SO gimmicky. He plays around with apps and programs but never seems to get anywhere. And when he finally does have progress, he acts like it’s just common sense and everyone should know what to do and how to do it. Duh! The latest being his fascination with Slimgenics. From his description, this does not sound like a program that could be sustainable, but it does sound like a starting point. And I certainly wish Dave the best with this program. For real mindset change, I highly recommend Half Size Me and also Lift Like a Gift. The hosts talk about loving who you are NOW while changing your mindset to ultimately achieve your best self. You will pick up tips, but they won’t be the little lists like Dave sometimes shares from an article. I’ll keep listening because I am a podcast junkie (and I do produce 2 shows before Dave dismisses me completely…and not the ones I mentioned above.) And the sound quality is usually quite good. Not easy to pull off. I do hate the intro music because I think only wanting to be thin is a poor goal. I want so much more for myself, but that’s just me. So I listen for the entertainment, but I do not expect to learn or be inspired.

Thanks so much Jen!

You can leave a review by clicking HERE and going to iTunes to leave a review. Thanks so much!

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1 thought on “Do You Miss Your Big Wheel? I Don’t – I Grew Into Better Choices”

  1. I know the podcasts of which she speaks. Half size me is a GREAT podcast, but more than that, is a wonderful, supportive community. Heather (the hostess) DOES make a living with the internet and weight loss community business, she truly is not in it just for the money.. her cold seems to be to help people in their journey to reasonable sustainable weight loss.
    The other podcast if not lift like a gift, but lift like a girl featuring Nia shanks. Also a good podcast.
    I like your podcast Dave, it’s not about someone who has everything figured out, what about someone who is trying to find his way on the journey. And in the process maybe give others some wisdom along the way. Keep up the great work.

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