EA Sports ACTIVE for the Nintendo Wii Reviewed

EA Sports Active for nintendo WiiIf you haven't purchased a “personal trainer game” for the Ninetndo wii, this sounds like the one you want to purchase. It has a 30 day challenge built int, a journal system, a way to track calories, and fitness goals. It also comes with resistance bands to make the exercises more challenging. I don't have this game yet, but it really sounds felxible, powerful, and yet easy to set up and play.

The ability to play with another person makes it even more fun. I have the wii fit game. I think you get just as much exercise running the vacum than you do playing some of those games. This game seems to geared toward someone who really wants to work their body. As the reviewer put it, “It felt like being at the gym.”

Do you have this game? Let us know your thoughts if this is a game worth the $59 bucks.

You can read the full review and see screen shots by clicking HERE.

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2 thoughts on “EA Sports ACTIVE for the Nintendo Wii Reviewed”

  1. Dave, I do have the Wii Fit Active. I received it for Christmas ’09. It sat and sat and sat on my tv table waiting for me to finally open and investigate. Well I did finally and I love it! One of the best features of the game is the ability to customize a workout for what you are in the mood for. Or if you only have as little as 15 minutes, you can still do a short workout that you WILL feel the next day (ow.) Now, I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it will give you an approximation of the calories that you burn. I would definitely recommend this to supplement any other exercise program. It’s a great start for someone who is new to strength/resistance training.

  2. Dave, I have EA Active and LOVE it! I bought it just after Christmas and started using it on January 1st. I was very sceptical of it working because it is a “game” but I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did. The variety of workout options is great. I have major problems with my left knee and there are some days that I just can’t do lunges or running. When I do my workout within the 30 day challenge, I can just de-select those exercises. If it’s a rest day on the 30 day challenge, but my knee is feeling good I can choose between a preset workout with these exercises or create my own from the choices available.
    The only concern I have with program is the fact that the top weight you can input for your profile is 300 pounds. I know this isn’t a make or break detail, but it’s disheartening for me because I am 320 pounds. Regardless of this, I love the program so much, that I have purchased the EA More Active program and it provides just enough change from the first that I alternate between them daily, and the More Active pulls your information from Active.

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