Emotional Eaters – Change Your Brain To Change Your Body

A “new” book has caught my eye (it came out in February). I was in Borders talking with another person browsing the diet/fitness section (and handing out business cards for the podcast). She had mentioned that she was/is an emotional eater and one of the books she recommends is “Change Your Brain – Change Your Body.” She explains that there is tons of medicalresearch to help us understand why we do what we do, and give us the tools and insights to help battle them.

According to a reviewer at amazon.comDr. Amen presents 15 solutions to assist you in boosting your brain to enable you to attain and maintain the kind of body and sense of well-being you have always wanted. Among the many benefits that can be derived by learning to love your brain and apply the easy-to-follow solutions are increased energy, sharper memory function, and relief from unwanted stress.”

I'll let you know. The brain controls the body, so get control of your brain. This sounds “logical” to me.

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