Epic Fail – How Emotional Eaters Can Learn From Them

Take Notes The Next Time You Fail

I am still reading, Does this clutter make my butt look fat? In it the author talks about keeping a journal. This is nothing new, but there is a twist. One of the focal points is to write down when things go wrong. Write down what you were doing before you fell of the wagon, what happened after you went on your binge, and how you felt. The thought is we are trying to identify the emotions involved in your eating. When we can step back and look at the situations around us, we may identify triggers that have a negative effect.

I had a “epic fail” a couple of weeks ago. I drove an hour and a half to see my Dad for the first time in his nursing home. I was upset that my brother decided to move him so far away. I was upset at the reality that my Father was in a nursing home. I was upset by the other patients who were (and I’m trying not to be cruel, but it is reality) “dead with their eyes open.” While I do not fear death, I am definitely not keen on growing old.

Where was I going? I was driving home where I was more than likely going to continue a “discussion” my Wife and I had started the previous night. More stress. How did I try to escape? Food.

When I fell I fell hard. I saw a Dairy Queen and I thought “You can make it passed” but before I knew it I was in the drive-thru picking up my Peanut Buster Parfait. Then as I listened to the GPS woman direct me home, I drove by a McDonald’s. Since I had already had dessert, I figured it was time for Lunch. I decided to keep things small, and went with a hamburger happy meal with fries. Driving home after this debacle, I felt horrible. I thought about how I was pretty much done eating for the day (and it was only 2 PM), and I was bummed that I had failed to find a subway, grocery store, or something else to tie me over for the long drive home.

This mad me mad, looking back. I have taken that anger and used it to motivate me to get back on the right path. It’s working. I don’t hate myself. I’ve forgiven myself for the bad choices and I’ve moved on.

This week I took a stand. I was hungry. I am hungry. I’m being successful waiting an hour or 90 minutes to the next meal (its going y quicker than expected). I’m cutting out snacks, and I’m losing weight every day I step on the scale. I’m doing activities every night (bike riding, Wii tennis, walking) and I’m doing everything I can to get some positive momentum going.

The next time I feel myself going in the wrong direction I need to ask myself, “How do I fell right now?” “What was I just doing?” “What am I going to be doing?” and I can realize that I’m not hungry. Maybe I’m stressed, or tired, or bored, and realize that I’m not hungry.

Feedback on P90X

Jennifer wrote in as I had asked about p90X  and wasn't sure if it was a good program as its so hard. Here is what she said

I am a female that has been a size 14/16 for most of my adult life.  I exercised at home 6 days a week, incorporating strength training, cardio, and yoga or Pilates for 15 years.  I'm not talking about easy workouts either…I did things like Cathe Freidrich workouts, which are advanced.  I finally settled into a size 10 after 10 YEARS of doing this.  Fine-tuning my diet helped me get to a size 8, which was actually quite stunning for me, considering I really thought I had “fat genes” and a single-digit size was not in my realm of possibility.  I started creeping back up into a size 10, so I got P90X.  I'm a size 6 now and in the absolute best shape of my life!  I never thought I could do 6 unassisted pullups, AND do plyometrics, AND twist myself into a pretzel due to the yoga workout.

For more information about P90X (now you can pay with multiple payments) check out www.logicalloss.com/beachbody

Want To Dance For a Workout?

Beachbody.com has the following Titles

Body Gospel

Turbo Jam (rock)

Hip Hop Abs

Thanks for the email Susie!

Philips Activa

James from New Zealand had sent an email about how he loves gadgets.  One new gadget that has just came out is the Philips Activa. This is an mp3 player that does the following:

Easily syncs to your computer. You load your music on it.

When you exercise it matches the music to your tempo

It gives you verbal praise and updates (200 Calories to go – Good job!)

I comes with headphones, an arm band, and a clip (to be able to used in multiple types of exercise) and is packaged in a water bottle.

The price at Best Buy was $129. It appears too be available at Best Buy, Kohl, Target, and WalmArt.  (having a hard time finding one online)/

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