Fat Never Sleeps


I've had a few crappy weeks back to back. Here is what has gone down.

1. My Wife's ex husband has lost his job and is no longer paying child support.
2. My step son had his appendix taken out and had some complications.
3. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer.

This had me staying up late trying to get some money going online, and I was getting 4-5 hours a night. Bad move.
This had me reacting to life instead of analyzing the new circumstances and seeing where my fitness goals would fit in.
This had me eating on the run, with no plan.
In some cases I would enter my calories the following day (when you can't change anything). Some days I didn't write down anything at all.

What happened? Well the lack of sleep lead to a lack of will power, and an increase in the “I don't care” attitude. This lead to the vending machine being my best friends. Items like snickers, Doritos, and other goodies made there way back into my diet. The result? I gained about 3 lbs. I saw 205 come back to the scale, and said “OK that's enough of that.”

What I've done is I've tried to make the best out of bad situations. I always walk from the parking lot to the hospital. I take the stairs (in some cases twice) to make sure I got SOME activity. I've tried to make better bad choices (chicken instead of big mac, grilled instead of fried).

You're Not Hiding Anything

While it would nice if we got a “pass” when emergencies hit and a hamburger magically had zero calories. This is not the case. Neil Young has a song called “Hey Hey My My (into the black), and one of the lines is “Rust Never Sleeps.” I have a bike in the garage with some rust on the handlebars. If I don't do something about it, the handle bars will eventually turn to rust – because rust never sleeps. Well in the same way, fat never sleeps. If you keep eating more than you burn, your fat cells get bigger. This is a fact. It doesn't change because you had a bad week. While the reason you are fading from your goals is understandable, in the end, weight loss has to be in a “no excuse” zone. You just need to evaluate, and come up with a new plan.

You may think you're hiding this from the world, but you're not. You may stash away food and eat in the middle of the night, but in the morning when you go to zip up your pants and they don't fit – we all know. You can't hid it anymore.

Get Back Up

Life is not always fair. However, we wouldn't appreciate the flat roads if we didn't climb the occasional hill. Whe life has some big hurdles, reassess the situation and figure out where you ca fit your health goals. If they don't fit, cut something out (might I suggest TV and you tube?). You need to keep yourself a priority. Having a “I'll do it later” attitude will not work. Why? Because you've been saying it for years, and guess what? IT'S LATER. I got knocked down this week with all the things in my life, but I'm getting back up. I have a new plan to allow me to tend to my Dad, get some exercise in, eat healthy on the run, and keep going. If I can do it, you can do it.

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2 thoughts on “Fat Never Sleeps”

  1. Good Morning Dave,
    Wow…you certainly have had your share of set backs!It puts my life in a bit of sobering perspective! I am so sorry about your dad! I’ve known people who have come out of colon cancer with amazing stories to tell. God is way BIGGER than any cancer. How is your step-son now?

    Thanks for sharing your positive attitude and being an example to us of how to pick up the pieces when life seems unfair.

    Thinking of you and your entire family!
    Amy Smith

  2. Thanks for another great podcast Dave! Sorry to hear about the medical and financial woes and truly hope things improve. For the many, many miles you’ve entertained and schooled me I definitely plan on donating. And good on you for relosing what you already lost! I’m in the same boat this week. Good luck, God bless and keep speaking from the heart.

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