Feast Your Eyes on These Movies About Food

I think most of us have heard (and hopefully seen) the movie “Super Size Me” which will turn you of of fast food. The maker of that movie has a new movie out called “The future of food” which is along the same lines of Food Inc which shows you just how bad our government is, and if think the FDA will keep us safe, you will be rudely awakend. If you've never seen the movie “The World According to Monsanto” it will REALLY open your eyes. You can watch if free here.

These other movies you can actually RENT at amazon.com and watch them right here on your computer (or if you want but the DVD). For $3 you can watch a movie for 48 hours. Sure beats waiting in line. This is also good for fitness videos as well.


Super Size Me

The Future of Food

Food Inc

Need More Things to Watch?

Want some quck Videos? Feel Bad You Don't look like the people in the magazine? Neither do they. Check out the photoshop effect. Thinking of Pizza this weekend? Check out Cardio Can't Beat a bad Diet

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