First Impression of My Total Gym XLS

If you have been a listener for a long time, you know I've wanted a total gym for years. Well this year, I happened to be at the right place at the right time and was able to purchase a used Total Gym XLS for next to nothing (God is good).  It even has some extra attachments, and DVDs (Its missing the squat table, but I can improvise with the Pilate's attachment).

I've been waiting to use it, and did my first quick workout last night. I was smart about it and didn't put it on it's hardest setting (started right in the middle). I did some chest exercises, some bicep curls, some rowing motion to work my triceps. Just like the commercial states, you get the best of both worlds. By being able to switch from one exercise to the next (quickly) you get the cardio benefit and you obviously get the benefits of lifting weights.

The meal plan that comes with it was a bit of a yawn (I skimmed it). The wall chart and cards make it super easy to pick and exercise and go with it. One of the things I like is if you are like me and buy a used one, you can get all the cards and exercises (and videos) later. I downloaded all sorts of workout routines for free.

The reason I waited so long to get one is these are not cheap. A Total Gym XLS goes for $1948.05 even on sale they go for $1071. While I was at their website I did see where they have an outlet section where you can get a scratch and dent model for $779 (or payment of 97.40).

Currently they have a sale on NEW Total Gym XLS for $876. (or 10 payments of 107.04) and you can get an addition 10% off using the coupon 11001. I know what you're thinking, “But they get you with the shipping costs” – nope – free shipping.

As the picture shows, the Total Gym does fold up nicely and takes up about as much room as an ironing board.

Getting back to my workout, I felt pretty pumped up just “Playing with it” last night and had definitely worked up a sweat. This morning I don't have any soreness (so I may want to bump up my resistance by raising it higher). Best of all, this thing is really quiet. Sounds like someone roller skating a block away. You get a subtle sound of the wheels rolling on the track, but nothing that's going to have you blasting your TV so the neighbors can hear it as you watch the training video.  In general, so far I love it, it's fun (which means I'll use it), and I have the power to control my workouts and add resistance to make them more challenging. 

I found my Total Gym at a store here in Ohio that resells exercise equipment, and I'm very happy I did. You might keep your eyes peeled, or just order one online (you can actually do a trial for $1).

Next up? Wearing my Body Bugg to see how many calories I burn doing their “Starter Workout.”

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