Fit At Last – Common Weight Loss Habits

Today I share some insights from the book, “Fit at Last” by Ken Blanchard (author of the One Minute Manager). We also look at some of the common habits of people who are successfully losing weight.

Fit At Last

Fit at LastI just started reading this book. I've loved every Ken Blanchard book I've written and this one takes his story of focusing on his health and he realizes he is getting old and wants to be around for his grandchildren (and dog). Here are some interesting things I've pull from the first chapter:

  • By the end of March, about 90 percent of those who started are no longer participating—not because they have changed their minds about the importance of exercise, but because exercise is hard work and they are not seeing the immediate results they had hoped for. Whatever the reason, they don’t follow through.
  • Numerous studies have cited that adults who don’t engage in strength training will lose an average of one-half pound of lean muscle tissue per year after age 25.

I look forward to reading the rest of this book.

Habits of Effective Weight Loss

1. Create a support network.
Make friends to meet for workouts, share victories with, and comfort through setbacks and bad races. A like-minded peer group is a powerful motivating force. Get your spouse, your children, and your friends on board with your running and weight-loss efforts. They'll give you kudos for your efforts, and they'll be less likely to sabotage your healthy eating efforts.

2. Set goals.
Get specific about your goals–the races you want to run, the times you want to hit, the miles you want to cover by the end of the year. When you reach a goal the first thing you should do is set a new one.

3. Keep track.
Keep detailed logs of what you eat and what you run. Our Run Your Butt Off! book provides detailed food and exercise logs that are easy to use, but any system you're comfortable with–on a computer, phone, or in a notebook–will do. At the Logical Losers Accountability club we have videos to show you how to use the software.

4. Plan ahead.
Schedule your runs as unmovable appointments. Plan your meals well ahead of time, because if you're left wondering at the last minute what's for dinner, you can end up eating fatty, high-calorie takeout.

5. Have reasonable expectations.
Experienced runners know that not every workout is going to be an A+. There will be some weeks when you get sick, get stuck at work late, or simply don't feel like running. During those times, do whatever running you have time to squeeze in (or find another activity that appeals to you that week).

6. Stay consistent. To improve at exercise, you've got to put the the time, week in and week out.

7. See the value.
Exercising regularly and eating right shouldn't feel like suffering and deprivation; they're about taking good care of yourself. You deserve the time to exercise and eat well.


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