Fitbit Gets an Upgrade to Fitbit One!

Fitbit Banner - Affiliate ProgramI have been using a fitbit for a few months, and I love it. I love that it shows how many hours a day I’m sitting on my butt. I love that I’ve learned more about my sleep. This goes far beyond how much sleep I get to how much quality sleep do I get. Their website is cool with lots of features and graphs. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a bodybuggsp, this a great alternative with no monthly feel. If you want the extended package, instead of being $10 a month, it’s only $49 a year. Now on top of an already great device there comes new news from the Fitbit camp as they release the new “Fitbit One”:

The Fitbit One includes a bunch of new highly requested features such as a clock, a stopwatch, the ability to personalize the device with your name and fun motivational messages. The Fitbit One comes in both Blue and Plum and you can configure display modes from the web. So, for instance if you don’t want to see calories displayed on the device, you can turn it off. Unfortunately there was no way for us to deliver these features to the Fitbit Classic due to disk space limitations.

Along with a significant upgrade to the device, Fitbit One comes with numerous web features to complete the experience – based on popular demand and available to all Fitbit users. Here’s what’s included:

* A nice facelift to the dashboard – the core activity stats are now aggregated at the top of the dashboard. The design is improved and slicker.

* Lifetime stats are  now available – see your total number of steps taken, distance traveled or calories burned. I am personally at 3.6 million steps so far. wow that’s a big number and I know there are lots of you out there with even more.

* Ability to see lifetime stats, best stats and rank with or without manual activities

* New Daily Step and Lifetime Distance badges – we filled in lots of missing badges and added some harder to get ones.

** quick note on badges – the new daily badges you start earning as of yesterday. New lifetime badges take into account all your tracker history. All badges are based on tracker data only – not manual activities. Badges are granted when you sync your tracker data.

* Daily climb and Lifetime climb badge for Ultra users – the lifetime climb are especially fun.

* Easy Badge sharing with Twitter (Facebook coming soon) – just rollover a badge in your daily activity area.

* A Badge Locker to see all your earned badges – including the ability to see how far away the next badge is.

* The food goal has been added to the dashboard. I know some of you liked seeing calories in vs calories out on the dashboard. The food goal blends these numbers together giving you a simpler view of this. In the future we will be looking at making the dashboard more customizable for what you personally care about.

* And yes – the iphone app is coming very soon. Android is in the works – but coming post iPhone. The iPhone app will be available to all users – not just Ultras.

Fitbit Banner - Affiliate Program

I Love an Upgrade That Doesn’t Cost More – For New Clients

The best thing about this new is the Fitbit One (The old unit is known as Fitbit Classic” ) doesn’t cost any more than the previous unit. When I get more features for the same price, that’s a great deal – for new customers. They have a great community at their website, but they are kind of leaving those who originally purchased the “Fitbit Classic” in the dust. Currently I see no plans for a discount to upgrade. This means if you purchased a Fitbit Classic last month, and you want the Ultra this month you need to fork out another $99.

I am excited about a mobile app. Currently they have a mobile enabled website (not the same in my book). I also wish they would add an accessory option to their website where I could purchased additional docking stations, arm bands (for when you sleep).

If you’re new to the Fitbit, check it out. It’s a great tool to keep you motivated (which you can now customize). Check it out at

This video gives a quick overview (I disagree that adding food was tough, but none the less it shows you how motivating it can be). I love it as it ties int with the Lose it! app (which is where I enter my food, and the fitbit keeps my calories burned accurate)

Check it out at



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