Fitbit Review

Today we hear from Karen who says, “Dear Dave,        I want thank you and to tell you the inspiration you have been to me. I have battled weight issues all my life and prior to April 2010 I had all but given up and then I stumbled upon you at Logical Weight loss,  you said don’t look at losing 100 pounds, look at it like losing 10 pounds ten times. I had never looked at it like that, and said to myself I can do that. So as of today I have lost 110 pounds, I’m not done, but feel so much better than I did 15 months ago. You make a huge difference in our lives.”

The key to this is she got her head in the game first. Then her body followed. She used fitday at first and later switched to

Fitbit Review

In the past I've tried out the Lifesource 20-XL which you put on your shoe. It wirelessly transmitted data to their website. It was around $30. Then I switched to the Omron HJ-720ITC which allowed me to send data (via a cord )to my computer and make stats of my walking. the price of that is around $38.52. Now I'm playing with a fitbit. This is a great little tool. It's like a pedometer on steroids. It uses the same sensors found in a Nintendo Wii to make sure its accurate. It tracks your activity, and wirelessly transmit your data to the fitbit website. The best part? The website is free (unlike a bodybugg where the website is $10 am month). There are some premium reports at that you have to purchase,d but they are only $49 a YEAR.

The thing I like about the fitbit is its size. Small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to not lose all the time. My Omron unit always falls off wherever I clip it (it even comes with a second clip to catch the unit when the first one fails). The fitbit clip is well engineered to make sure it doesn't fall off, and yet its comfortable. Seeing the display is a breeze. You press a button and toggle through the stats that show the number of steps, the miles you've walked, the calories you've burned, and a flower that indicated how active you've been during the day.

The one thing that surprised me was the fitbit website. This is especially true of their food logging. As I thought this was a primary pedometer function, food was an after thought. They have a nice database, and finding and logging food was easy. There is a mobile version of the website so you can enter food on your phone. Not my favorite interface, but it worked.

The fitbit charges quickly, and the charge lasts for days. You will not be worrying about having it go dead.

The fitbit also monitors your sleep. I found this to be very interesting and also eye opening. I didn't realize I was getting between 5 and 6 hours sleep a night.


It also does a good job of letting you see just how much of your day is spent sitting down.

What the Fitbit doesn't do

If you compare this to the Omoron unit its a no brainer. The tracking of the sleep is enough to validate the extra expense. But if you compare it to the Bodybugsp, you will see where a bodybugg is more accurate (as a bodybugg measures activity, temperature, and sweat). So if you go for a bike ride, the Bodybugg will be able to calculate accurate calories burned. The fitbit will not (as you're sitting down). However on the fitbit website you can easily go in and “tell” the software that you went bike riding and keep your stats active.  On the other hand the bodybuggsp is $100 more and cost $10 more a month to use.

If your worried about accuracy, I'm using the fitbit in conjunction with Lose it! (which I talked about on a previous podcast). The best thing about this is Lose it! calculate what it thinks  you burned based on your age, height and weight. Lose it! looks at the data from the fitbit and determines the more accurate number. Very cool. Connecting it to Lose it! took all of about four mouse clicks. Well thought out, and well executed.


If your a stat junky like me you will love the fitbit. Their website allows you to track anything. The easy to read display is a great motivator (yes even the flower). It's ease of use is out of this world, and the sleep diagnosis was an added bonus that provides insights into sleep (a vital piece of the weight loss puzzle). I LOVED The fact that I NEVER had to worry about this thing falling off, and that its very accurate when tracking steps. Yes its more expensive than a basic pedometer, but for me its well worth it. For more information go to

Jillian Michaels Endorsing RIP60 System that Puts P90X to Shame


Jillian Michaels used to work with the TRX system on the Biggest Loser. Now she is working with the people at Rip60. This is very similar but comes with a TON of DVDs, nutrition guide, carrying bag, and more. The other bonus is the TRX system is around $200 where the Rip60 system comes in at $139. If you are looking for an inexpensive, potable way to put on some muscle (and ladies it won't bulk you up), the you may want to check out Rip60.

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1 thought on “Fitbit Review”

  1. I use Fitbit everyday for the last year. I especially enjoy that it links with Withings scale despite that FitBit now offers its own scale service. I love that it has an open platform and integrates with SO many different applications like Withings, Microsoft’s HealthVault, and its Android and iOS apps.

    I highly recommend FitBit! I do not subscribe to the premium plan yet, but I’m increasingly tempted because it allows you to add custom trackers and allows exporting your data.

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