Fitness Tracking is Getting Easier

We understand that tracking our calories going in and out as well as other statistics like blood pressure, body fat, and other stats can be hard to incorporate into our daily lives. When I went looking, I was surprised at how many wireless, or Internet connected devices there are.

My Fat Secret Screen ShotFor example right now I'm experimenting with (a free site that allows you to put in what you want, and your exercise, in addition to other items). How did I stumble across it? There was a free application for my droid phone. The really cool (if you're a geek) thing is I can use the camera in my phone to scan the ISBN code on the package and (in most cases) it recognizes the item, and I simply enter what meal I ate this product.  It then synchronizes with the website. This way if I'm at work, I can go to their website ( and put in the food I ate while working (I plan on doing a video on this in the future). The one thing I really like about is there are almost zero advertisements on the site.  There are tons of ways to track your food intake .

Fitbit Tracker (uploads your activity to a FREE website, website also has a way to input what you eat).
GoWear Fit Tracker
SenseWear Tracker
Bodybugg Trainer
LifeSource XL-20 Wireless Activity Monitor (works with Actihealth website)
ActiTrainer (pedometer, heart rate monitor, uploads to their subscription based website)
The EZ Weight Plate
Withings WiFi Scale (works with
BodyTrace WiFi Scale (works with Daily Burn)
Lifesource Wireless Scale (works with Actihealth website) (another FREE way to track diet and exercise and it works on blackberry and droid phones). (another FREE way to track diet and exercise and it works on iphone).

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