A Wake Up Call From Fank Payne of My Big Fat Body

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I watched the documentary My Big fat Body by Frank Payne on Amazon Prime (it was included with the Prime membership). The movie shows Frank going through the process of losing 60 lbs. It was impressive. I wanted to see how Frank was doing now. The problem is he died at the age of 49 in 2012. So the video showed how his living of eating insane amounts of bad food had left its mark on his system. So if you need help getting off the couch, I highly recommend  watching the movie.

The Top Tools I Use

I took at look at new habits and tools that I started using in 2016, and – more importantly – that I am still using. Here they are.

Power Pressure Cooker XL
Each Sunday I use my Power Pressure Cooker XL. Its the first thing that I purchased in 2016 that I got completely sucked into their infomercial. I throw in a bunch of chicken and 20 minutes later I pack it up.  It's the best $99 I've ever spent. It's so popular, that people are now writing Power Pressure cookbooks for it with 123 recipes ($9).

Ninja Blender Pro

I use me Ninja Blender Pro  to make smoothies, and mix protein shakes all the time ($59). So with the Power Pressure Cooker, I ‘ve got lunch covered. With the Ninja Blender Pro I've got my breakfast covered.

Storage Containers

I got a set of Spin and Swirl storage containers that are on a carousel so it takes up half the room in your cupboard. I've had these for years. I know the reviews on Amazon say they are cheap, but I've never had an issue with mine. There are plenty of storage containers that go from the microwave to the dishwasher, etc



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