Get Outside While You Can – Be A Kid – 17 Tips on Losing Weight

Get Outside While You Can – Be A Kid – 17 Tips on Losing Weight

Today I talk about looking at someone who is doing what you want, and do what they do. Fpr example when I was a kid I didn't have the weight issues I do now. Why? because I rode my bike in the morning, afternoon, and evening. So now that the weather is fine, I want to get on my bike to help me lose my last 10 lbs. Si get outside. The Winter is over, and soon you will be yearning for those warm days – WELL THEY ARE HERE. Get out there and enjoy them
Today I also talk about a great article by a women who lost 85 lbs.

Mentioned in this Article:

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1 thought on “Get Outside While You Can – Be A Kid – 17 Tips on Losing Weight”

  1. Hi Dave, hope you’re well.

    First of all, many thanks for a great podcast. I like you have been on this lifestyle dietary journey as I’m in my early fifties and also like you I can lose weight but find it again a little too easily.

    A few years ago my father died and to cut a long story short, as a consequence I really got into cooking and all meals my wife or I cook are always made from scratch. We’ve always cooked made from scratch but once I got into cooking as well that’s when I really focussed on the “losing weight” part. Interestingly enough once you realise what is healthy food, you can actually eat more. Also I’m on the 600 calories 2 days a week, you know, the 5:2 diet which I find really suits me.

    One tip I could give you is to get a wok; a real one, a steel one not a modern fancy shmansy non-stick type as the coating on these modern ones always eventually starts to peel off. It’s worth getting a decent wok from an Oriental cooking / food shop as it’ll be cheaper. Once you’ve seasoned it you’re good to go.

    At least a couple of times a week we’ll cook a stir-fry and it’s really quick, healthy and you can really fill yourself up on relatively diet-friendly ingredients.

    The main thing to remember is to heat up the wok very hot before you add the oil; something like peanut oil as it’s got a high cooking temperature. You can also add a little toasted sesame seed oil which gives that distinctive Chinese cooking flavour. Once the oil is hot and just started to smoke that’s when you add you ingredients.

    As you only cook for a very short amount of time as the heat of the wok is so high, the food keeps more of its goodness. Try and keep the crunchiness of the food when stir-frying. It’s also a good idea to have prepared all the ingredients before the cooking starts as once you start cooking it’s a really quick process… and like I said, healthy!

    Anyway Dave, thanks once again for a great podcast and for your other podcasts too and I hope you didn’t mind me sharing some of my own cooking tips.

    Incidentally, before I sign off, only today in the BBC news it says that “More people on the planet are obese than not…” – – so you’re doing a great job Dave.

    Take care and God Bless and keep up the great work.


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