Getting Serious About Weight Management

Getting Serious About Weight Management

Someone asked if I had a promo for the show. I went back and listened to it and it made me realize how long I've been doing this podcast. Wow. I thought I'd be “done” by now. So I went back and listened to some of the things I used to do but don't anymore. I looked at the areas that were hurting me. One of my biggest is when I'm tired (solved by going to bed ) is the vending machine at work (cool ranch Doritos and a mountain dew to get me through the afternoon when I need a nap – BAD). So I made a quick sign, and hung it in my cubical. My goal is 180 lbs. When I reach it I will be proud. I will have more money when I'm older as I won't have to spend it on drugs. I will be healthier and live longer to see my grand children.

Today I went back to a check up with my Doctor. The result? High Blood Pressure medicine. It's time to get serious about my weight management. The other interesting twist is I'm right on the edge of needed cholesterol medicine. My Dr (who will will call DR. Z), who suggest the following for my high blood pressure and cholesterol. I need to get serious about my weight.

1. Work some fish into my diet to help with my cholesterol. Tuna three times a week or start taking fish oil pills. These can cause burping so the solution is to freeze your fish oil pills. Then by the time they thaw, there are deep into your body (cause the reason they care called fish oil, is because its filled with FISH OIL – now think about burping that).  If I take the fish oil, I need to take 1000 mg two times a day.

2. Keep my cholesterol under 200 mg a day.

3. Keep my sodium under 2000 mg per day. To aid my blood pressure.

Work some fiber into my diet (fiber one raisin bran is my favorite).

One of the worst things for my condition is french fries.  Hmm…

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2 thoughts on “Getting Serious About Weight Management”

  1. Dave,
    DUDE! BP meds and cholesterol meds are serious stuff! I listened to your podcast on my way in to work this AM and feel compelled to toss back your own closing remarks to you – if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it up. Have you considered a low-carb/high fat approach? I have completely swung from a “calories in/calories out” mindset to a belief that WHAT you eat is as important as how much…I challenge you to, with an open mind, listen to Jimmy Moore’s “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” podcast and how about Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast and his new book….check them out! Losing the excess weight is one thing but now you’re in a health crisis. When you mention the bananas and grapes and icky processed food that you eat (Fiber One bars?? Ewww!) all that runs thru my head is how much insulin you must be releasing and how that’s NOT helping you! Your processed food is probably full of soy so to add insult to injury, you might be releasing estrogen to boot! (not cool, especially for dudes!)
    So Dave, examine what you’re doing and ask yourself if it’s worth it to try something completely different for 30 days or so and see if you come to different conclusions! My 2 cents – take it or leave it.

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