Goals to Keep You Motivate Without Using the Scale

Today we talk about goals that DON'T require you to step on a scale that “gamify” the weight loss journey. Also, can we switch from calling it weight LOSS to health GAIN?

Performance Goals

Goals like an unassisted chin up. Some feat that you haven't done before. Something that tracks your performance. Maybe you improve you time on walking 2 miles on the treadmill.

Real Life Goals

Goals need to be specific and measurable. Maybe its playing with your kids/grand kids and not get tired. Carrying the dog food from the car to the house. You will notice these life events and think to yourself, “Hey I didn't die doing that this time…”

Health Goals

Items such as lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc

Movement Goals

This is where items like a fitbit make this so easy. This could be taking 10,00 steps a day. Riding your bike to work. Do the 10-minute trainer DVD.

Feel Good Goals

Getting to bed at a regular time. Read some affirmations. Start of the day meditating on your day. Mediation or scripture reading.

Food Goals'

I forgot to mention this one on the show, but you could try something like replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, or adding fruit is and vegetables to your meals.

While none of these goals use the scale, by choosing one (or two ) of these an implementing a strategy your actions will be those that will effect the scale in a positive fashion (assuming you are watching your calories).

Not Getting the Results That You Want?

Jillian Michaels has an article about habits you need to quit doing at the gym 

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