Gofit Exercise Equipment Sale – Bob Harper Bundle

Gofit.net is having some sales for the holidays. Here are some items that you may want to check out.

Their Gravity Bar (similar to a TRX) is now only $59 (normally $99).

The Assisted Chin Up Bar is now only $39 (normally $59).

Bob Harper (from the Biggest Loser) has a deal where if you buy one of his Kettlebells you get his DVD for 50% off.

You can see all their specials at the Gofit website Another great bonus (as your probably thinking that shipping on weights is going to be expensive) is that orders of $50 or more have free shipping.

I've been a big fan of their stuff ever since I purchased their Ultimate Gym Pro (gym in a bag with a DVD).  When I have to go on the road, I can take the bag with me and still exercise in my hotel room (the days inn I stayed at recently had no exercise room – you get what you pay for).

While its nice to go to a gym, and be focused. Don't underestimate the progress you can make at home. We see people every week on the Biggest Loser who are losing weight at home, and you can too (without spending a ton of cash).

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