Good Vibrations – Old School Marky Mark Workout Tunes

I saw the “Date Night” and Mark Wahlberg (who also produces the HBO show Entourage)  came on the screen. To this I said, “Hey it's Marky Mark” and that made me think of his one hit “Good Vibrations” and how it could be Workout Tune Tuesday track.

Loleatta Holloway & Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch - Radio Waves of the '90s: Pop Hits - Good Vibrations

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4 thoughts on “Good Vibrations – Old School Marky Mark Workout Tunes”

  1. A likely excuse! My current listening for cardio is Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food.” An interesting read, check it out. Free at the library is the best price for it!

  2. Keep me posted. I’ve heard a lot of things about that book (basically the title over and over) so lots of people checking it out.

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