Gympact – Motivation That Pays Off – Makes Me Want an iPhone

Gympact – Motivation That Pays Off – Makes Me Want an iPhone

We've seen a lot of technology on this blog. I love things that motivate you and keep you focused. I don't know about you but I enjoy the benefits of money, and I feel I work pretty hard for the money I get (especially when you owe 17,000 in student loans still). I read about a new service that started this year called Gympact. THeir website is Here is the bottom line on this.

Gympact Profile1. You need an iphone. If your gym has wi-fi you can get by with an iPad, or iPod touch

2. You make a “pact” with yourself to go to the gym “X amount of times” in a week.

3. You set how much you're willing to pay if you miss it.

4. If you make your pact you lose nothing.

5. If you miss your gym dates you pay.

6. those who made their commitments share the money that was paid by the people who didn't. Gym-pact takes 3%.

7. When you check in, it used GPS technology (hence why you need an iPhone or a gym with wireless). When you check in, you have to wait 30 minutes to check out of the gym for it to “Count.” So in reality you will be at the gym for 30 minutes. No cheating.

According to a review in iTunes, the person has made $34 so far. If you're using an inexpensive gym like Planet Fitness, it sounds like you might have some of your gym membership paid for. The typical payout is .50 – .70 per day for each day committed. So if you committed to one day of exercise, you might earn .50-.70 for meeting your pact (and save whatever you put up as collateral which starts at $5 a day).

According to their website 90% of the people who sign up make their gym appointments. Here is a promo video

Here is a another video showing the actual software on an iPhone.

The Gympact even works internationally. According to their site, “Yes, GymPact works internationally! GymPact’s iPhone app is launched worldwide so just sign up and download the app to get started. If we don’t have your gym listed, simply add it the first time you check in there.” According to their support site they are working on creating an HTML5 version that will work with the Android system, and also tools like Fitbit and Runkeeper.

You only get charged if you missed the gyms session you said you would attend. Each week you set a goal for the coming week (but once that week starts you can't change). In terms of getting paid, they pay you via paypal. How cool is that?

The only thing I would be aware of it is only counts workouts at gyms. Gyms at universities count, but the one at your condo probably doesn't. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this, as I love the idea of getting rewarded in cash.

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  1. Hey Dave, you asked so here’s my 2 cents: loving the walking pods. The audio sounds great (nice to hear birds in the background) and it’s motivating to see that you’re making your dream manifest by multitasking. The last three have made me get out and walk/bike more, well that and Earndit 🙂 Keep up the great work and safe travels to your events.

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