Have You Seen the 650 Pound Virgin?

This story is amazing! When I investigated how this guy did it (and the trainer that helped him) I found that Chris Powell has designed the “Stax System” which is a very cool system that includes containers built for portion control (with lines based on your weight). It has a timer to remind you when you eat, and you can pack up to 5 meals into this kit (great for those times when you're going to be gone all day). Watch David Elmore Smith's transformation.

The Stax System From Chris Powell

Stax System Diet System, Kit – Stax System Diet System, Kit Chris Powell invented the Stax System (you see at the beginning of the 20/20 video he created a meal plan based on portion sizes). It is now available to you. The “bad news” is you have to create an account just to find out how much it is at their official site ($59). You also can purchase more of the containers, the ice pack, the cooler (if you bought them all separately it would be about $80). So instead of sending you over there I found a better place where you can go without having to potentially get you on an email list you don't want to be). That's at vitaminaisle.com It's also $20 cheaper at vitaminaisle.com than at amazon.com

Apparently this is an old story, but one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and if Dave can do it, so can you. He is now working as a trainer in a gym.

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