Hey That Exercise was FUN

I've been walking around trying to get my 10,00 steps in a day. But I haven't really been exercising. I've been ACTIVE, but not doing a sweat producing, heavy breathing exercise (always consult your doctor). So I tried my wife's stationary bike (they even fold up now how cool!). Here is what I found:

It was conformable.

I could multi-task (in my case read, but I could see watch videos etc).

The print out kept me motivated

It automatically adjusted the routine to do intervals.

After 20 minutes I was really feeling it.

The next day I got up and the scale had taken a nice move downward. This wasn't due to one exercise session, but I'm sure that session had something to do with it. The great thing was I actually was having FUN. I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow night. What is the best exercise? The one YOU DO. Now I know (being human), this may get boring in a month or so, but for now I'm going to enjoy this exercise. If you have tried an exercise and it didn't do anything for you, it doesn't mean you stop trying exercises. It means you try a different one until you find something that you enjoy and burns enough calories to make the scale move.

If riding bikes are not for you, then try something else. Keep trying.

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1 thought on “Hey That Exercise was FUN”

  1. It is necessary that you enjoy the exercise routines that you are doing or else you will get bored. Once you are bored, you will eventually stop reaching for your goal. Find ways to make things fun and exciting.

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