Holiday Fitness Gifts For the Athlete In Your Family

Fitbit One


The time has come again to showcase some of my favorite picks that you can stuff stockings of your favorite fitness fans.

Fitbit Aria Scale


My favorite is still the fitbit. I wear mine every day, and I love looking at the free stats on their website. The best thing is in 2012 they came out with three great products. There is the “one” (pictured) left, and the zip. If you're new to fitbit, these devices are like pedometers on steroids. They track steps, distance, calories burned, and you can see it all right on the device. The new thing about the zip is it uses a watch battery which means you can use it forever. The zip's bigger brother is the “one.” This tracks everything the zip does, and it tracks stairs, and sleep. Both of these units can be sync with your smart phone (they have free apps) where you can track your food (all for free). The Zip goes for around $60 and the one is $99.

To make tracking even easier they have the Aria scale which transmits your weight and body fat composition wirelessly to your fitbit account. This works for you or up to seven people in your family. The scale is $129

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Healing Sore Muscles

Those foam rollers can help your sore muscles, but there are times when getting on the floor with a foam roller doesn't sound like a lot of fun. The solution is The Stick Travel Stick. This small 8 spindle model has a compact 17″ length. It has recently been popularized by the USA Cycling team for use on the lower limbs.

 Fitness Gifts For the Non Computer User

If you have someone who isn't so computer savy, then you might look into Fitbook. This company has a premade food and exercise tracking pages. Their fitbooks can be branded for your company as well. They have tools that help you track more than just your weight. They have food scales, body calipers, and a new twist on the bathroom scale. You enter your target weight and when you step on it the scales shows how further you have to go. It keeps you focused on your goal, not your weight.

Hi-Tech Water

The Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle is the world's first interactive water bottle that thinks while you drink! It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. Doctors, Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help individuals adhere to the expert's recommendations.

Fitness Gifts Around $100

When you see the Biggest Loser in January you will see where they have dropped the Slimcoach (which got awful reviews) and now instead of the Bodybugg they are going with the Bodymedia with Fitlink. This goes for about $150, and their marketing material says that their unit will improve your weight less efforts by 3X. The system interfaces with the Free iPhone and Android application uses Bluetooth technology to show real-time statistics on calories burned, steps taken, activity levels and daily nutrition through food consumed. Their online system is free for the first three months, and then it's $6.95 a month

Speaking of the Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. This is her 90 day fitness program that has only needs 30 minutes a day and has three fitness levels to stop it from getting boring. It includes 15 DVDs, 90-Day Journal, 30-Day Online Club Membership, 7-Day Kick Start Diet, Meal Plan and Fitness Guide.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
Price: $79.99
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