Holiday Weight Gain – Is it True What They Say About 10 lbs?

Today I did some research and found two doctors who foudn a study from the New England Jounral of Medicine that did some research and hsowed that while people do gain weight over the year, the “10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years” seems to be a bit of an urban legend. You can read the full article here.

It was interesting tat an article at Fitday stated the “gain 10 lbs: meam. It did have some interesting options for staying lean duringthe holiday season. As I was over there I see where Fitday has added some new features. Mainly:

1. You can use their desktop verison and it will sync iwth their website. Very cool.

2. They have an iPhone app.

I've always liked Fitday's application for tracking Exercise and Fitness as it added an emotional tracking (how dod you feel). This makes it easy to see that when you are not so happy, you are vulnerable to emotional eating. You can try a free tiral at


I Lost My Fitbit

Fitbit UltraI really loved my Fitbit. It was like a cross between a BodybuggSP and a Pedometer. I had one, and I unfortunately sent it through a trip in the washing machine. It actually still worked, but the battery life was very bad. Someone donated one to me, and I loved it (it was the new fitbit ultra), and it track not only steps, but stairs, and it has a bult in timer, and can track you sleep. It was a very cool tool, and I didn't realize how much of a motivational tool it was until I didn't have it. I finaly dug out my old Omron unit (which was a good unit, but not as fun as the fit bit), and I found out that I was only taking about 3,00 steps a day.

With this in mind, I've defintely added a fitbit to my Wish list for Santa.

In the meantime you might want to consider purchaisng some Stuff Bak stickers (that increase your chance of getting something back that you lost by 70%). Use the coupon code Dave10


Are there Times When Weight Loss Should Not Be Attempted?

As I'm up three lbs since our last podcast, I started to wonder if there are time when we should put off weight loss until we have other priorities in palce. When I think about Maslow's Heirchy of needs, the first one is shelter, food, safety, etc. Recently with my job situation this has been a huge concern (we are actually moving into a less expensive housing). So I thought, maybe its wong to try and lose weight now. I'm so focused on this other very important NEEDS that i'm really setting myself up for failure.

This is dangerous thinking. Whenever we give ourselves the “I'll do it later” or “It's ok,” light we open up the flood gates to future health issues. I live in Cleveland. We haven't had a sports championship team here in my lifetime (I beleive the browns won before I was born).  Howver, year after year our teams take the field knowing that they are probably not going home with a trophy. They still play to win. You don't win if you don't try. While you may not be moving forward as fast as you want, you are not aiding the urge to move backwars towards unhealthy habits and meals. Never give up.

What do you think? Are there times when you should put weight loss on hold, so you can get the rest of your life together? Is it pointless?

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Weight Gain – Is it True What They Say About 10 lbs?”

  1. Have you heard of this guy:

    He’s a trainer who decided to gain 60 pounds of fat, so that he could better understand his obese clients. Anyway, while putting on the weight he acquired new, unhealthy habits, like grabbing a Mountain Dew every time he passed through the break room at work, or buying candy while refueling his car. Now that he’s in the “losing weight” part of his journey, he’s finding it hard to kick those habits.

    I guess what I’m saying is, even if you don’t want to focus on losing weight right now, be careful of creating unhealthy habits that you’ll struggle to break later. Maybe eat clean (no junk food or fast food) but don’t worry about counting calories?

  2. Good episode Dave! Good luck with the move & the interview. Hang tough with your efforts; in the past I’ve gained weight when inbetween jobs and I chalk it up to mostly losing my routine.

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