How Kayla Cox Lost 80 lbs and Kept it Off

How Kayla Cox Lost 80 lbs and Kept it Off

Kayla Cox is the author of the book, “The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” she has 30 thousand subscribers but the reason I'm excited to have her there is she has lost 80 lbs AND KEPT IT OFF. Kayla has courses on her site about Intermittent Fasting (sometimes abbreviated to IF, weight tracking, mindset, maintenance, and more. You can order them individually, or you can pay one small monthly fee to have access to all of the courses. Click Here for more information.

She is married and has three kids, and currently is on the road in her RV and today she shares

  • What inspired her to “do something”
  • How she finds the time to exercise
  • How she selected six miles as the goal for each day
  • Why you can not be perfect and still get results
  • She doesn't count calories, carbs, and has a cheat day
  • How she worked her way up to eating one meal a day
  • What she does in maintenance mode

More From Kayla Cox

Her website is

Check out her book The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Her website has courses, her blog, resources, YouTube and more


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2 thoughts on “How Kayla Cox Lost 80 lbs and Kept it Off”

  1. Dave, interesting guest but audio quality is not acceptable. Don’t know why or if you can control this problem. She sounds like she’s talking into a empty coffee can. Unfortunate for her and you. Enjoy your show. Thanks.

  2. John,
    She was using Skype from her RV. It was very noisy, and I tried to remove it, but in the end I apologize. I should have told her reschedule and do the interview when I could hear her over the air conditioning or whatever was going on.

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