Hydracoach – Intelligent Water Bottle

I thought my wife was pulling my leg. She had heard someone talk about an “intelligent water bottle.” “A what?” I asked. “It does everything, I have to keep this away from my husband” she said.

You enter what you weigh and the hydracoach:

Automatically calculates how much water you should drink.

Monitors the total amount of fluid you've drank today.

Displays the average amount of fluid consumed per hour.

Displays the amount of time elapsed for the day to reinforce proper pacing.

Displays the amount of liquid consumed relative to your Personal Hydration Goal.

OK, how cool is that? I can see this thing really motivating me to drink more water.
I will be doing a future episode about the importance of water, and hope to have one in my hands so I can talk first hand about it. If you have one, please let me know what you think about it. Being the stat junkie I am, this looks like a great motivational tool. In addition to automatically calculating how much water to drink, it can be manually adjusted to take into effect the amount of exercise you do, and how hard you exercise. I can think of hiking people who can make sure they are staying hydrated with the display showing how much, how fast they are drinking water.

I know for me at work, I refill my water bottle on a regular basis. However, as it wasn't empty I never know exactly how much water I consume. With this product I would know the cumulative amount.

The bottle comes in blue, burnt orange and

The cost? Around $24 and it comes in three colors. You can pick them up at amazon.com With my “normal” water bottle costing around $9, this seems like a no brainer (especially if you need motivation when it comes to drinking water).

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2 thoughts on “Hydracoach – Intelligent Water Bottle”

  1. Hi Dave,
    Can you tell me what material the bottle is made of (steel, aluminum, plastic?). It sounds great, but I just want to make sure I know what it’s made from.

    thanks for all your inspiring podcasts!

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