I Am the Owner of a Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

I Am the Owner of a Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

I have owned a juicer (the Juiceman) back in the day (remember the gut with the creepy eyebrows?). I LOVED the Carrot Apple juice that came out of it. I HATED The 5-10 minutes to to clean this thing. In terms of return on investment. It was smoothie_nutritionway to much of a hassle to clean. I think I used it less than 20 times (maybe 10). I was looking for the same results. Healthy food, make quickly for someone on the go. I watched millions of videos comparing the Ninja Pro and the Magic Bullet and went with the Ninja (I just heard some  – not alot – negatives about the Magic Bullet).

First Impressions

Easy to unpack, and had my first smoothie in less than 10 minutes (I actually read the manual)

The recipes list fruits and vegetables I have never heard of, so I went for a traditional one in my house. It consists of 1 tb of jiff peanut butter (creamy), one banana, a scoop of pure protein chocolate wiegh protein, and skim milk. My first smoothie I went a little light on the milk and it basically had me drinking pudding. It was very tasty pudding, but it was super think (which made it like a milk shake it actually was quite filling).

Its works SUPER fast, and it because the mixer is the cup I use to drink out of, cleanup is a snap. I rinse the blades as soon as I'm done, and then later throw the cup in the dishwasher.

I can see myself using this.

Be Careful Blended Calories Still Count

I put my ingredients into the recipe maker in MyFitness Pal.

1 Serving is 439 Calories

The banana is 100 Calroies

The Whey Protein is 160

The Skim Milk is 84

The Peanut Butter is 95

If I wanted to improve this I could remove the peanut butter (peanut butter on bananas is a favorite of mine). None the less if I could drink 5 of these a day and find myself at 2195 calories (I'm trying to stay around 1800-1900 currently. With this in mind, if I only drank four of these I would be right around my target. The only problem is who wants to drink all of their calories? I do occasionally like to chew.

So like most programs, have a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and have a sensible meal for dinner.

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